5 Healthy Paleo Snack Ideas

5 Healthy Paleo Snack Ideas – Easy & Quick Paleo Recipes

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5 Healthy Paleo Snack Ideas – Easy & Quick Paleo Recipes

5 Healthy Paleo Snack Ideas Everyone Should be aware of! Paleo Healthy Snack Ideas & Healthy Snack Recipes that are easy and fun!

Coconut Clusters

75% full cup of organic coconut flakes
50% full cup organic pumpkin seeds
Two table spoons organic chia seeds
Two table spoons hemp seeds
One table spoon maple syrup or honey
350F for ten to twelve minutes.

Stove top Apples

One table spoon coconut oil
Half table spoon cinnamon
One table spoon vanilla extract
One apple.

No Bake Blondies

25% full cup powdered peanut butter OR more flour
25% full cup coconut flour
Half cup mashed banana
One fourth cup almond butter
Two table spoons maple syrup
Half teaspoon vanilla
Three table spoons mini chocolate chips.

Cheese zits

Three fourth cup almond flour
Two table spoons nutritional yeast
Half teaspoon sea salt
One egg
One table spoon coconut oil
350F for ten to twelve minutes.

Cauliflower Hummus

One and a half cups raw cauliflower florets
One table spoon olive oil
Half teaspoon salt
Two whole garlic cloves
One table spoon tahini
Two table spoons lemon juice
Three table spoons extra virgin olive oil
Top with chopped parsley soaked in olive oil
400F twenty minutes roast.

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