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Experimental research on effect of temperature on diabetics

Can the temperature make a difference?

Yes, by lowering the central heating temperature by a mere 1 degree Centigrade, it could ease the effects of type 2 diabetes- according to a new study.

Cool temperature eases diabetics

Dutch researchers clearly believe that, if we expose people with the type 2 diabetes to slightly cooler climate then,

Indeed it could increase insulin sensitivity by more than forty percent.

Further, this research could also help in further research on obesity and methods to tackle it.

Professor Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt- lead author says-

“It was previously assumed that stable &fixed indoor temperatures could satisfy comfort level and health in most humans”
As per research

It indicates that mild cold and variable temperatures could well be having a very positive effect on the health of diabetics.

Mild cold and warm environments will increase metabolism, resulting in targeting obesity by counterbalancing excess energy intake.

As per survey, participants with type 2 diabetes exposed to intermittent mild cold.

Did you know, it increased their insulin sensitivity by Forty percent.

Positive Effect of Cold Temperature on Diabetics -Can it cure the condition?

Overall, the heart health no doubt positively affected by regular exposure to heat as well and cold.

For a matter of fact, few authors also feel that in homes and offices, the adjustment in thermostat could significantly have positive effects on our health.

In 2014, the same team discovered that the colder temperatures were helping to tackle obesity.

Cold temperature increases metabolism

One of the latest study shows that when we are exposed to cooler temperatures, we tend to quickly adapt to situations & end up feeling less tired and have more energy to keep going.

Notably when possible we must try exercising to maintain the body.

In a short interview, speaking to Richard Lorch (editor in chief of the journal) says

“This ground-breaking research gives a new approach to how we look at the heating and cooling of our buildings.

To conclude, our expectations and comfort levels affected by temperature, who would have thought?

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Positive Effect of Cold Temperature on Diabetics -Can it cure the condition?

Chillies for diabetes

Chilli for diabetes is because when we eat chilli, it interacts with the same receptor in our stomachs.

The result is that it help calm the gut, scientists at the University of Connecticut found.

During experimentation with Mice, they were fed both chilli peppers and the class B drug showed less inflammation in their guts.

Chilli peppers cure diabetes

Also, the researchers even found that they were able to reverse type 1 diabetes in some mice, by feeding them the fiery pepper.

The chilli seemed to bind itself to a receptor called TRPV1, which is found in the gut, oesophagus and pancreas.

When it binds itself to the receptor, it creates a compound called as Anandamide, which is chemically quite similar to Cannabinoids found in Marijuana.


Reduce inflamed pancreas

It was this compound that caused the immune system of these mice to calm down, by reducing the inflammation, and the same happened when they were fed anandamide directly.

Reducing the inflammation in the pancreas could help in the treatment of diabetes.

As the pancreas is responsible for the maintenance of insulin and glucose levels in the body.

Reason-A diabetes patient has too much glucose in their system and the pancreas is unable to regulate it.

Chillies for diabetes

The brain even creates anandamides when, the receptors in our brain react to people getting high.

Scientists have been unsuccessful to find out why those receptors existed in the past.

Pramod Srivastava, professor of immunology and medicine at the university, said:

“This allows you to imagine how the immune system and the brain might talk to each other as they share a common language.”

Chilli benefits to the body

Additionally, chillies also help in losing weight, boost immunity, and also acts as a natural pain relief


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Chillies for diabetes

Diabetes in kids


We all know that Diabetes is a growing problem in our kids.

Fact: Every year 25000 children diagnosed with diabetes.

To start, there are 2 different types of childhood diabetes namely Type 1 & Type 2.

Type 1 diabetes was initially called Juvenile Onset diabetes & is typically diagnosed in children and adolescents. Only five percent of those with diabetes have Type 1.

Our parents worry thinking that their kids will get diabetes as they eat a lot of sugar. Sugar does not directly cause type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where our immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells (insulin producing cells) of the pancreas. Scientists are not quite sure why it occurs, but it seems to be a combination of genetic & environmental factors, & has no relation with diet.

Symptoms of juvenile type 1 diabetes

The Type 1 diabetes comes very suddenly and it depends on insulin for the rest of the child’s life.

  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent urination (day and night)
  • Increased appetite &
  • Sudden weight loss.

Children who develop type 1 diabetes appear to be tired, thin & sick. Parents worry that their child is diabetic because the child drinks a lot of water though this is not the only symptom.

Luckily, the manner in which insulin is given now days continue to improve & most children now use an insulin pump, which delivers insulin in a consistent manner than earlier methods. Even after hopes of pancreas transplants and all, parents find it difficult to manage.

Children’s diabetes type 2

Type 2 diabetes, earlier called “Non-insulin dependent diabetes,” is quite different than before. Earlier diagnosed in adults, currently it is now rising in children too.

In type 2 diabetes, our body is unable to use insulin in the correct way and the glucose in the blood stream is unable to enter the cells. This is called insulin resistance. Hence, the pancreas tries to produce even more insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal. Over time, the pancreas may wear out completely. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with an oral medication instead of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes occurs in those children who are

  • Overweight
  • Less active &
  • Often have a parent with diabetes

The more children in this country developed obesity, the more the number of cases of type 2 diabetes will continue to rise. In most cases, if a child changes their lifestyle starts a healthy diet, loses weight and importantly exercising, then the body may be able to restore normal insulin balance.

This is the big difference between the type 1 & type 2.

If any concerns for your child, child is showing any signs of diabetes, make sure to consult your doctor. Also, promote healthy eating habits and daily exercise.

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Diabetes in kids




Clinical control of diabetes by artificial pancreas


Could anyone believe that artificial organs could just be the norm where scientific research is considered?

Well, the University of Virginia has successfully developed also done a trial on the artificial pancreas to help children control Type 1 diabetes.

This could well be a major breakthrough in scientific research that will send shock waves throughout the community moving ahead.



Research on artificial pancreas

Tangible and feasible solutions research done by scientists from all over the world to fight diabetes. Unfortunately, to no effect.

Though recently, there seems to be a small light at the far end of this long tunnel in recent times.

Yes, the University of Virginia has developed an artificial pancreas that will surely help young children to control their Type 1 diabetes.



Though on paper, creating an artificial pancreas would sound like something worth checking out.

There is never a guarantee for success.



What this “organ” does is that it actively monitors & regulates the blood-sugar levels of its host.

This removes the need of manual injections of insulin nor do we need to prick our fingers to check blood sugar levels.

As advertised, this artificial pancreas is significant for the medical sector as a whole.


Latest research on artificial pancreas

With technology,

All data gathered by artificial pancreas sent to a reconfigured smart phone.

It will run algorithms to process the data.

The smart phone then forwards the information to a blood-sugar monitor & insulin pump worn by the person suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

Additionally, all information simultaneously broadcast to a remote monitoring site.

On patient behalf, data collected

Another huge benefit to this artificial pancreas is that it can also prevent hypoglycemic events, which is 1 of the bigger concern for children with Type 1 diabetes.



Conduction of a field trial among twelve children and all were perfectly capable to control their diabetes using the new method.


Results good

Noticing, children wearing the artificial pancreas had lower average blood-sugar levels.

No increment in hypoglycemia during trial

This was designed for children between the age of five & eight.

And it differs from technology devised to support other age categories in upcoming future.

For the time-being, the plan is to monitor children for extended period of time and check whether the artificial pancreas is as effective at school as well.


Experimental artificial pancreas

Conducted first test during a 68-hour window both with and without the pancreas.

This only gives a glimpse of how this “organ” could hold up.

Further plans are to provide an artificial pancreas to children aged 14+ & suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

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Clinical control of diabetes by artificial pancreas


Can Synthetic Biology Finally Cure Diabetes?

The Type 1 diabetes is one of the most discouraging disease.

Although we have the availability of synthetic insulin and increasingly sophisticated monitoring technology, it is yet a condition that requires incessant vigilance. The diabetics must constantly track their blood sugar levels and re-evaluate their drug dosage. None the less, despite the management, bad days remain almost inevitable. If we intake large amount of insulin, and you can spiral into a hypoglycemic delirium. Take lesser & your glucose levels will rise, filling the body with dangerous levels of Ketones.

Whats come up recently?
Possible cures routinely come up only to fade from view, their benefits just fall short of the simple efficacy of an Insulin injection. Recently, though, in the field of synthetic biology—a hybrid discipline that aims to construct or redesign biological components and systems—has shown the potential to produce a number of treatments. The solutions remain speculative, but hope is all we look out for during such phases.

John Glass, A researcher working on one such new effort, knows how false hope can be maddening, having lived with the disease for decades. Type 1 diabetes, in theory, is quite easy to solve, not practically, he said. All said than done, he still takes insulin daily.
There are ways to re-engineer the genomes of skin bacteria in ways that would allow to execute functions that the diabetic’s bodies no longer can. Whether or not that ultimately works, synthetic biology will continue to provide ways around problems that have long been insurmountable for researchers.
Glass, Explains the Type 1 diabeties; At core, It is an Auto-immune disease, one that results from a biological glitch that leads the body to attack the insulin-producing beta cells of its own pancreas. Beta cells serve 2 primary functions in a healthy organism.
• They detect blood glucose levels within the body.
• When those levels begin to rise, the cells secrete insulin. The autoimmune kills off the beta cells, leaving the body with no way to process the carbohydrates it consumes.
Finally, the researchers behind this sought to re-engineer human embryonic kidney cells to copy the functions of the pancreatic beta cells that immune systems of those with diabetes destroy. These new cells were injected into diabetic mice, resulting in a success.

Can Synthetic Biology Finally Cure Diabetes?
It is the autonomous, or “closed loop,” quality that’s most exciting here that offers the potential to stabilize the body without the regular injections and blood sugar checks. True closed-loops recreate the healthy body through natural processes, just like these modified kidney cells that automatically distributes insulin in response to blood sugar fluctuations. Such systems have long been the holy grail for diabetic researchers.
Medical technologists too have been working long on devices that would achieve similar results by more mechanical means. MedTronic (recently received FDA approval) for what it calls a “closed loop” combination of a digital glucose sensor and an insulin pump that it has plans to roll out later this year. It can be a game-changing device, but it still demands involvement from the user, who must feed it the required information about the carbohydrate intake, regularly recalibrate the sensor & attach the sensors and insulin pump to their body. By comparison, synthetic biology promises to be a truly hands-off solution.

The diabetic body’s seemingly irreversible autoimmune response is the bane because the mimetic replacements resemble the natural beta cells, hence the immune system still recognizes them as targets and eventually kills them off. Although they work under experimental conditions for a few weeks, their effectiveness fades with time, as Glass and other researchers explained. “We yet do not know how to overcome that hurdle”

Chad Cowan, director of the diabetes program at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, told us that the issue has been extremely difficult to resolve.
 “Over the course of the last two years, we’ve … tried to talk to every immunologist and every person who works on autoimmunity, particularly if they have any focus on type 1 diabetes,” he said.
 “Our overall assessment is that there isn’t an easy solution, at least in terms of modulating the immune system.”
It’s here that the real promise of Glass’ proposal reveals itself. He thinks he’s found a solution for the problem that would allow the body to autonomously produce insulin as needed & without risk of disruption.

Glass thoughts
Glass’s own professional involvement in the field began a few years ago when he met Alberto Hayek, a diabetes researcher and emeritus professor from University of California–San Diego.
Hayek introduced Glass to the work of a dermatologist named Richard Gallo, who discovered a beneficial bacteria living deep in the layers of our skin that seem to be overlooked by the immune system.

Would it be right to harvest and modify these microbes so that they function like Instead of making new beta cells that will face rejection ,they rather take something that the body still accepts and make it to act like a beta cell.
It seemed very feasible to Glass. Also, he might be able to “take those cells from any given person & put in the machinery beta cells?
that would allow those cells now to sense blood glucose, there in and amongst the capillaries that are in our skin.” And since the immune system usually passes over these particular microbes, it might just let the newly engineered cells go about their business. Further, We also know that if you put bacteria on your skin, they very quickly make it into the deep layers, meaning it could potentially be delivered via a nonintrusive application, such as personalized skin cream.
Glass’s work is still in its initial stage. He along with colleagues at JCVI are seeking funding to conduct experiments in mice.

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Can Synthetic Biology Finally Cure Diabetes?

Saints Super Fan Jarrius Robertson Gets Liver Transplant – Misses Draft

Jarrius Robertson, the fifteen-year-old super fan of the New Orleans Saints, was not able to announce the team’s 3rd-round draft choice in Philadelphia as earlier scheduled. As you all know he was on the waiting list for an organ transplant and was finally receiving the long-awaited liver back home.

“We finally got our hero,” Robertson’s Dad, Jordy, said in a shaky but overwhelming Facebook video, requesting for prayers from his son’s growing fan following throughout United States of America and the rest of the world.

Jarrius was expected to have undergone the surgery Saturday afternoon. According to a close friend of the family, he was upbeat, playing video games & “still hot” the Saints didn’t select LSU safety Jamal Adams in the 1st round of the draft.

Robertson updated his twitter status with a tweet about his surgery on Saturday.

Saints Super Fan Jarrius Robertson, Liver Transplant, Jarrius Robertson Liver Transplant, Jarrius Robertson Live Disease

Brooklyn Borough President Adams Completely Reversed his Diabetes in 8 Months – this is a really inspiring true story set right in present day United Sates of America.

About a year ago, current Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams admitted that he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes & a sugar level so elevated that his doctors were surprised he wasn’t already in a coma. After consulting with many specialists & doing his own research, Adams became certain: A vegetable-plant based diet was his only route to better health.

Adams spent twenty two years in the NYC PD. He was also the 1st African American to hold the high status of a New York senator. This is what Adams eats now “everything that doesn’t have a face, mother or father,” adding devoted vegan to his incredible resume.

Adams in an interview tried to explain that when we rid ourselves of animal products, we free ourselves of the pain, the injury, the disease & the constant fatigue. In his opinion we are all dying because our bodies can no longer require what we feed them.
He even pointed out the remarkable coincidence between high meat consumption & disease in impoverished communities. Adams also highlighted that people residing in these parts of the world don’t have access to plant-based options & are illiterate on maintaining a healthy diet. Adams has taken it upon himself or that coined it his mission to change that.

Brooklyn Borough President Adams Completely Reversed his Diabetes in 8 Months – Find Out How

Not only is Adams promoting diabetes awareness at senior centers, but his borough is investing heavily and actively into urban gardens in schools. By educating students to cultivate vegetables, these schools empower healthier lifestyles.

Adams is sparing no effort to promote veganism and social media seems to be his choice of the moment.

In just eight short months, Adams has witnessed unprecedented results from his switch to a vegan diet; he lost thirty pounds & completely reversed his diabetes! This is encouraging news, considering this pancreatic disease can lead to heart attacks, stroke, nerve damage, kidney disease, vision loss, & cognitive disability.

By going totally vegan and ditching animal products, Adams has literally eliminated his own suffering from disease & the suffering of so many farmed animals each year.

Download the Vegetarian Starter Guide for recipes & tips on living a healthy vegan lifestyle.

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8 Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys Every Day



The kidneys are perhaps the most vital organs after the heart & brain. They filter the harmful chemicals from your body & keep water retention to the right level.

However a lot of people abuse this organ & end up with some form of kidney ailment. Some have really bad habits that often result in permanently harming their kidneys.


1. Insufficient water consumption
If you do not drink enough quanitity of water, you might be at risk. When kidneys are not hydrated enought they fail in perfoming thier prime function properly, ie: they may not be able to flush out all the toxins effeciently. Drinking 1.5 litres of water a day is what is recommended.

2. Retaining urine our bladder full for a long time
We should not prolong the natural process and must go to a bathroom when we are in a need. When we delay this process, we face a lot of complications: The occurance of the diverticula is is a result of hypertrophy of the detrusor muscle. Hydronephrosis (increased urine pressure inside the kidneys) leads to undue pressure on the kidneys & it results in renal failure.

3. Over consumption of sodium
Almost everything that we eat contains salt (sodium) and this needs to be expelled. The kidneys have a tough time when they try to excrete it, which may result in long term tension on our kidneys. Statistics show that 90% of citizens all over the world consume sodium more than they should.

4. Caffeine addiction
Caffeine is not only associated with coffee. It is also present in almost every aerated drink available in the market. coke being one of them. Caffeine can cause  kidney damage and elevate blood pressure.

5. Use of Painkillers
Pain killers for low-grade pain is more like an addiction for few. They can cause serious adverse effects. Experts warn that taking pain medication for long term reduces blood & it deteriorates the function of the kidneys.

6. High protein diet
In the current day and age where various forms are diets are in vogue a high protien diet is also on the recommended list of many fitness programs. While protien may have it’s advantages for building muscle, it does have serious repercussions on the kidneys. A balance diet is the order of the day if the health of your kidneys is dear to you.

7. Taking flu & colds lightly
Do not brush aside flu & colds as minor ailments. Rest well and work on a total recovery as this is what is recommended for kidney health.

8. Alcohol ABUSE
Alcohol in big amounts can cause lasting damage to your kidneys. Alcohol has a lot of toxins that can crictically damage your kidneys. Moderation is the keyword here.

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8 Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys Every Day

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally – Say no to a lifetime of glasses or contact lenses is based on a true story of Ted Maser.

He started wearing glasses when he was just fourteen 14 years of age. At the time he had absolutely no idea that he would in the near future improve his eyesight naturally & be able to throw his glasses in the dustbin.

He will never forget the day when he visited the opticians with the hope that he would be given a pair of glasses that would finally lead to the ‘cure’ and that his 20 20 vision would be restored.

His hopes were shattered when the optician – a tall & bearded man wearing thick glasses himself, looked at him & told him that he would have to wear glasses for the rest of his life.

And more disheartening news was yet to come.

Year by year his eyesight got worse. he had to go back for a thicker set of lenses every year.
By age 22 his vision was so bad he was practically blind without his spectacles.

As years went by technology came up with another option – the contact lenses. But using these type of lenses have their own challenges, & he would too often leave his contacts on & fall asleep. The irritation in his eyes the next morning would be unbearable.

It wasn’t long before he got totally fed up of the nagging feeling of dry & itchy eyes, so in the end he decided he was better off wearing glasses and dumped his contact lenses packs once and for all.

Then cam the life changing accident in the backstreets of Egypt which out him on the patch of learning How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

What Ted Maser learned in Egypt eventually brought back his 2020 vision with natural methods. While going through this essentially natural method involving relaxation and  other yoga for the eye exercises his vision improved on daily basis. This went on to the point when he no longer was dependent on his prescription glasses.

This is a fascinating and literally eye opening true story of a man with a vision to cure his eyesight. It is a totally recommended read for those who are looking for an alternative to lasik surgery or for those who would just like to improve their vision naturally.

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally – Read Ted Maser’s Full Story


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Don’t take Kidney failure lightly

The number of patients who will require dialysis is likely to more than double by 2040 if chronic kidney disease is not seriously addressed.

The symptoms aren’t obvious in the early stages and it is thus been rightly called the silent disease.

But it isn’t a time to remain quiet about chronic kidney disease (CKD), which strikes 10% of the population.


Don’t take Kidney failure lightly – learn how to avoid dialysis

Most patients in stage 5, known as final stage renal disease or kidney failure, rely on dialysis to continue with life.

The number of dialysis patients is projected to more than double by 2040 if no effective remedies are in place, based on a recent research.


Here is a video inserted by the Malaysian medical fraternity spelling out the horror of this disease and the same holds good for all the other countries.


Don’t take Kidney failure lightly – learn how to avoid dialysis

Don’t take Kidney failure lightly, learn how to avoid dialysis, how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease,     how to avoid kidney dialysis naturally


How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney Stone Symptoms & Causes

It is quite possible that you have a kidney stone & not know until you feel that shocking, & unexpected pain in the lower back or along the obliques below your ribs. When that occurs, the first question that will come to your mind is ‘How do you know for sure if you have a kidney stone or not?’
Listed below are the main kidney stone symptoms, & check if you have any of them.

Kidney stone could be dormant for a long time and may not cause pain until it begins shifting around to your left or right kidney, or perhaps pass into the path connecting your kidney & bladder – ureter.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

• Unbearable pain below the ribs in the side & back
• Pain that resonates all around the lower abdomen & groin
• Pain that comes and goes & fluctuates in intensity
• Pain during the process of urination
• Dicoloration of urine
• Foamy urine emitting bad odour
• Nausea combined with vomiting
• Nagging and permanent need to urinate
• Urinating at short intervals
• Fever & chills that comes alongwith UTI
• Drop in the volume of urination

How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

Having a kidney stone is quite horrible and the above-explained kidney stone symptoms explain the torture. Sudden & severe pain that comes and goes right below your ribs, and radiates right down your lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain may reduce in intensity, but don’t get fooled by this because you never know when it will trigger into a nasty pain again.

What causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones start to form if and when the normal percentage of water, minerals, & salts in your urine gets imbalanced.
The factors that lead to such imbalance are influenced by the food & drink you consume, certain chronic health conditions, environment, genes, stress, as well as heavy body weight (obesity).

How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally – Find out now

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Denise Kissed Insulin Goodbye – Find out how!

Doctors had Denise convinced that there was nothing she could do about her type 2 diabetes.

Denise Kissed Insulin Goodbye

She felt she might as well get used to giving herself shots the rest of her life.

Then one day, everything changed.

Have you ever met someone who opened your thinking up to a whole new world of possibility?
That’s what happened to Denise, through encounters with several people who knew that diabetes could in fact, be reversed.

She was skeptical at first and put off doing anything about it.

Then months later, she started feeling the painful pin pricking sensations of diabetic neuropathy.

She decided to give her new found information and try and… In less than 30 days, her blood sugar was low enough to no longer need Insulin.

Find out how you can do what Denise did…

Denise Kissed Insulin Goodbye – Find out how


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Kidney disease symptoms in adults

The above mentioned vitals have a location right under the rib cage. They carry the responsibilty for cleansing & detox. In layman’s terms they are that part of your body machinery that filters 10-150 quarts blood every 24 hours. This is vital for every body functions & it keeps the blood healthy too. The kidneys flush out excessive fluids or waste material from the living organism. They are responsible for the levels of electrolytes & keep bones strong & healthy, make more red blood cells (RBC) & stabilize the blood pressure (BP).

If the kidneys are in some form of trouble & can no longer function, as usual, then your health is in bigger trouble. Read carefully to identify early & prevent & problems linked to kidney damage or failure:

Kidney disease cause Swellings
When kidneys stop functioning effeciently, they cannot get rid of excess fluids as before & this will make the face bloated & swollen, also the joints & limbs.

Kidney disease Urination changes
The most obvious early signs are listed below:

  1. Problem urinating
  2. Pressure during the urinating process
  3. Dark coloration of urine, coupled with lower frequency of urinating & with small amounts
  4. Dull color of urine, coupled with frequent urination & in large amounts
  5. Foamy or froth like urine
  6. Abnormal urge to urinate during the night
  7. Rashes and other visible skin abnormalities
  8. The waste buildup in your body has a link to kidney failure – the skin gets itchy and a lot of rashes. This is because a lof the waste gets piled up in the blood & makes the skin look dry, inflamed & unhealthy. Topical cosmetics and other applications can ease up a little bit, but won’t solve the problem which comes from the inside.

Kidney disease causes Fatigue
If the kidneys are in the pink of thier health they produce EPO (erythropoietin). EPO is a hormone that produces more red blood cells (RBC) which bring oxygen to where it is needed. If the red blood cells number goes down, fatigue invariably follows & it will have an impact on the brain & muscles too. This is also a sign of chronic anemia.

Kidney disease causes Shortness of breath
This is a common problem and can be associated with many conditions, however if it happens in conjunction with the above symptions then it could  most likely be linked to kidney damage. The harmful pile up of toxins in the lungs is the root cause for this symptom.

Kidney disease casues a metallic taste in the mouth
The toxins & waste accumulated in the blood will change your taste to foods & even cause bad breath throughout the day. Another associated sign of kidney damage is poor appetite.

Kidney disease causes Pain
The ache in the lower back is another localized symptom of a bad kidney condition – that is the approximate area more or less where kidneys are located. Pain can be aggravated infections or kidney stones.

Kidney disease causes Bad concentration & dizziness
Bad oxygen flow to the brain is a obvious sign of serious anemia, but the same can be caused by kidney failure. Your focus & concentration gets totally messed up, making you light headed, dizzy & causes memory issues.

Kidney disease symptoms in adults – Prevention tips

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Are berries good for diabetics

Before we dive into the question “Are berries good for diabetics” let us talk a bit about fruits in general.

Higher consumption of fresh fruit is directly linked with a lower occurrance of type 2 diabetes & reduced complications in people with already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, research suggests.

The study was spearheaded by Huaidong Du of the Univ. of Oxford, which found people with type 2 diabetes who ate lots of fresh fruits had lower rates of microvascular & macrovascular problems.

The research group claims this is the 1st large prospective study illustrating how consuming fresh fruit is associated with incident diabetes & diabetic complications.

Fruit is a very healthy food category, but some fruits such as bananas & oranges are higher in carbohydrates than other low-carb fruits like berries. Knowing the fruit that you eat can help people derive the right health benefits.

Nearly half a million people were recruited from the China Kadoorie Biobank for the research, which took place between June 2004 & July 2008.

Follow-up over 7 years monitored new cases of type two diabetes & the occurrence of vascular disease & death in people with pre-existing type two diabetes. All inferences lead to the same conclusion. Overall fruits are good, however for diabetics higher consumpion of the lower carb fruits help in keeping blood sugar in control.

Are berries good for diabetics, was the premise of this post. Absolutely berries are considered diabetes superfood as they are bundled with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, plus they’re low-GI. For example 3 quarters of a cup of fresh blue berries has sixty two calories & just sixteen grams (g) of carbohydrates.

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America’s juvenile diabetes is climbing

The rate at which America’s juvenile diabetes is climbing & researchers don’t know why.

A 1st-ever study of new diabetes diagnoses of American youth under age twenty found both Types 1 & 2 diabetes surged from 2002-2012.

The diagnosis of fresh episodes of Type 2 diabetes, directly linked with obesity, increased about 5 percentage each year from 2002 to 2012, the research said, while new cases of Type one, the most recurrent form for young people, rose about 2% each year.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funded the research along with the Centers for (DCP) Disease Control & Prevention, said the reason of the rise is “unclear.”

“These findings lead to several more questions,” reiterated Dr. Barbara Linder, senior advisor for juvenile diabetes research at NIH’s National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases. “The diversities amongst racial & ethnic groups & between genders raise many uncertainities. We need getto the root of the problem to comprehend why the rise in rates of diabetes development varies so vastly & is so concentrated in specific racial & ethnic groups.”

The research, published Friday 14th April in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed elevated rates of diabetes diagnoses among minorities. Type two diabetes, which the CDC stated comprises of about 90% to 95% of reported diabetes cases, rose by 8.5% in Asian Americans ages 10-19. Blacks in the same age category saw a 6.3% rise, followed by a 3.1% bump in Hispanics & whites at fewer than a 1% increase.

Hispanics saw the highest rate increment of Type 1 diabetes with a 4.2% rise, followed by blacks at 2.2% & whites at 1.2%

In terms of gender, girls & women 10-19 saw a 6.2% rise in Type 2 diabetes, while men & boys of the same age witnessed a 3.7% increase. Across all age groups, Type 1 diabetes rose by 1.4% in females & 2.2% in males.

CDC epidemiologist Dr. Giuseppina Imperatore observed that those who develop diabetes when they are juveniles are at greater risk of developing complications from the disease earlier, reducing their quality of life, clipping down life expectancy & increasing health care costs.

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What is Good Diabetes Eating?

For many, eating delicious food when you are on a Diabetic diet seems to be an unsolvable mystery. “I have Diabetes, how can I eat tasty food again?


What is Good Diabetes Eating

If you have done your research right, then you know already that everything you really crave is available to you in form or another. Craving for a cake? There are lots of cake recipes that taste fantastic & still fit into our carbohydrate parameter.

Same theory works with ice cream too. There are quite a few lower carbohydrate brands on the market.

For many, most important is good chocolate. It is all out there & you just have to look in the right places, if you are willing to play THE game.

The key is to find foods that already exist & fit into your carbohydrate budget, & to invent, or create other dishes from scratch. If the food detective in you is intent on deducing what goes into solving the mystery of your taste buds then that is all the fuel you need.

And for those who are not that creative or lack the time or for some reason can’t get around to it, there is always the ultimate diabetic cook book which is available online.

Finally for those who don’t have the patience of following cook books then the diabetic detox is a great way out!

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New Drug Discovered Which Can Completely Reverse Diabetes

All over the world, the incidence of people with diabetes has been rising since 1980, with 422 million people diagnosed 3 years back (and increasing ever since). The United States of America alone has experienced a substantial rise in the number of diabetics, with the number of Americans diagnosed going up from 5.5 million in 1980, to 22 million in 2014, which is an alarming 300+ percent increase in less than forty years.

A team of scientists, led by Stephanie Stanford at the California University, San Diego, is testing a solution in the form of a stand alone pill that aims to restore insulin sensitivity in diabetics. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body’s response to insulin, the hormone which regulates sugar in our blood, becomes weak. A number of genetic & lifestyle factors will determine whether or not someone develops this type 2 diabetes in their life span.

Until today, drugs were unable to recreate the insulin signaling function in diabetics — instead, they approach the problem by focusing on how to filtering out excess glucose in the blood that is a result of the dysfunction. The stand alone drug, spoken about above, produced by Stanford’s team, on the other hand, hopes to achieve this function.

Know more about this New Drug Discovered Which Can Completely Reverse Diabetes


The drug inhibits an enzyme which is chemically known as ‘low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase‘ (LMPTP), which is understood to contribute to the reduction in cell vulnerability to insulin. With low LMPTP activity, the drug activates insulin receptors on the outer of cells — particularly those in the liver — which helps restore the cell’s ability to manage excess sugar. When the body can once again get control of it’s blood sugar levels, the condition of Type 2 diabetes is apparently reversed.

The researchers experimented by feeding lab mice a high-fat diet that made them obese, which eventually caused them to inhibit high blood glucose levels. The drug was tested on the mice on a regular basis & successfully brought back insulin sensitivity without causing any adverse side effects.

Watch this experiment – Feeding lab mice a high-fat diet

While the lab rat experiment results are encouraging, the team must continue testing the drug for safe human use, so clinical trials at homo sapien level are still some time away. But Stanford in the meanwhile are pursuing a new therapeutic strategy for treating type 2 diabetes based on these findings.

Diabetes reversal in patients has been seen before, however it has never been achieved through medication alone. So, if this drug is soon approved for safe use in humans it would be a truly revolutionary discovery that could save millions of lives.

Learn more about the clinical trials – New Drug Discovered Which Can Completely Reverse Diabetes

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How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Organically

Learn more about : How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Organically

If you’ve ever cooked a meal with turmeric powder, you most probably had some yellowish hands post cooking, along with some absolutely delicious food.
Did you know that the spice that stains pretty much anything can whiten & brighten yellow teeth?
It is not known why this astonishing fact is true, many people do swear by this age old technique.
Turmeric is also recommended for dental issues, such as dental aches, gingivitis, & hyper sensitive teeth. Turmeric eliminates germs, fights infections & reduces inflamation & pain. Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes because of a chemical contained within it named Curcumin.
The cocktail to whiten teeth is turmeric mixed with baking soda & coconut oil. Baking soda is proven to clean pretty much anything.
The chemical name for baking soda 1s sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda gets rids off stains & plaque from your teeth by eliminating acids that are made by the bacteria in your mouth. Plaque can cause tooth problems, such as decay & gum disease.
Coconut oil is another awesome ingredient, that can drag out bacteria from within your mouth & can treat tooth-aches, bad odour, tooth sensitivity & gum disease. Dentists often call this activity oil pulling, because rinsing your mouth with virgin coconut oil will suck out those germs, but it also helps to whiten your teeth.

Learn more about : How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Organically

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Learn How To Avoid Dentist Bills

5 easy morning yoga poses that will help you decide if yoga is for you or not! Have you always wanted to give yoga a try, but maybe you were scared or didn’t know how to get into the groove?

You could be loosing out on something that is awesome for your entire livelihood. We heard about how fantastic yoga is for the human body & the mind. Yoga empowers us to control our anger better & helps us grow muscular & flexible. Doing the warrior morning yoga pose, lotus morning yoga pose, plank morning yoga pose & the downward dog morning yoga pose all are examples of things you can do before you start your day without sweating! Yoga has been used for time immemorial by people to get in sync with their bodies. Every pose draws you away from the chaotic world & silences you from within. If you want to start your day in the right direction, then here are 5 easy morning yoga poses to consider:

Downward Dog Morning Yoga Pose

Downward Dog Morning Yoga Pose is a great pose for you to do when you get out of bed to get rid off any tension in your upper back, your lower back & your neck.

Plank Morning Yoga Pose

The Plank Morning Yoga Pose can be done almost anywhere. It will strengthen your core & build up your back muscles.

Warrior Morning Yoga Pose

Before you attempt the Warrior Morning Yoga Pose, make sure you warm up with stretches or try to warm up the body with downward dog. This pose will awaken your heart in the sense that it will increase your heart rate gently.

Cobra Morning Yoga Pose

Another fabulous position to start the day off right is the Cobra Morning Yoga Pose.This pose will helps back and neck strengthening.

Lotus Morning Yoga Pose

The Lotus Morning Yoga Pose is a great way to get into a meditative state in the morning. Doing this will clear the cob webs in your mind & help you get a better prepared for the day ahead.

Yoga is NOT a fad, like the way many seem to be portaying it to be. It is a way of high quality spiritual and physical life. You don’t have to wait till eternity to start yoga. Show your body a little respect and lots of love by implementing simple yoga moves today.

Get Your Own YOGA Video Tutorial Here

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Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes

Learn more : Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes

In the case of physical activity, the insulin requirement drops. People with type 1 diabetes must therefore adjust their therapy during sports. Recent recommendations have recently been published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Here you can read the most important tips.


Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Differences & Similarities


Movement is doing well and is even a part of their therapy for people with diabetes. This is true not only for type 2 diabetics. Also type-1s should and want to be physically active – if it were not the fear of hypoglycemia. The problem is that the insulin requirement drops because the cells can better utilize glucose. So the insulin therapy has to be adapted. In a consensus paper, international diabetologists have now published current recommendations *

Type 1 Diabetes And Insulin Resistance is Provided by Sports

Unfortunately, there are no rule of thumb for the therapy adjustment. How the body reacts to sports activity is very individual and also depends on the sport. Those who are treated with insulin must therefore observe their metabolism well and learn from experience. In doing so, driving a sports diary helps. Here, measured blood glucose values ​​are recorded before, during and after sports, as well as carbohydrates (“Sport BE”). In the course of time, such experiences are gained as the basis for the therapy adaptation.

Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Through Sports

In sport itself, the blood sugar can react very differently. If you are practicing on-going sports such as jogging, walking, cycling or swimming, the blood glucose levels are declining. Here basal insulin should be reduced before training. If you are heavily loaded with energy or sprint training, the blood glucose can even temporarily rise. Here you have to be very careful with the correction over insulin, because it can come to a delayed hypoglycaemia. Since the body is still busy hours after the sport, filling the cells with glucose (“muscle filling effect”), it is very important to keep the blood glucose also after the sport in view.

Insulin Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes can Assist in Sports

Insulin pumps and CGM systems make it easier for type 1 diabetics to adapt therapy to sports. In an insulin pump, the basal insulin supply can be simply reduced for a certain time. This also helps to avoid unnecessary carbohydrates (“sports BE”). Whoever carries a system for the continuous glucose measurement (CGM), always has the glucose value in the sport in view. However, during the training, there may be a greater time lag between the actual blood glucose value and the tissue sugar.

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Learn more : Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes

Now vaccinate against the cancer!

Infections with the human pathogenic papilloma virus (HPV for short) are among the most common sexually transmitted viral diseases. However, contamination can also take place in the newborn via the birth route.

The effects of HPV infections are usually harmless. However, there are different virus subgroups, some of which are now known as cancer triggers. They are associated with various types of cancer, with the most common cancer of the cervical cancers caused by HPV.

Since 2016, a third vaccine has been available in Austria. With this so-called nine-fold vaccination the most important cancer-triggering viral types can be combated. Ideally, vaccination should be done before sexual activity begins. It protects only when both partial injections have taken place at intervals of six months.

HPV protection is free of charge in the context of the children’s vaccination program. In addition, there are still reduced vaccinations from the age of 12.

Learn More About Alternative Cancer Treatment


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The 25 Foods You Must Eat and Avoid : Diabetes

People with diabetes, regardless of type, should always take special care with food. These are allowable and ‘forbidden’ foods.

Talking about diabetes does not always mean talking about lifestyle. Although it is the most common type 2 diabetes in the world – and one that is directly related to poor diet and physical inactivity – there are other types of diabetes that have nothing to do with the daily choices that people make.
It is the case of type 1 diabetes (or insulin-dependent diabetes), which is the rarest and has a higher incidence among children and young people. The cure is not yet a reality for this autoimmune disease.
But talking about diabetes also means talking about gestational diabetes , which occurs during pregnancy and can even affect women who had no clue of the disease before they became pregnant. This type of diabetes tends to disappear but, when not treated properly, can boost the onset of type 2 diabetes.

ALSO READ: Insulin Resistance And Diabetes Control Through Natural Methods

Paying attention to the signs of pre-diabetes is the best way to prevent a progression of the disease. The prevention of pre-diabetes (or the final diagnosis of diabetes) involves weight control, which should be maintained at a healthy level and without large accumulations of fat, especially at the abdominal level.
Therefore, as the website Eat This, Not That! Highlights, food plays a key role not only in prevention and treatment of disease, avoiding drastic changes in insulin levels and possible diseases associated with diabetes, such as blindness and obesity .
Avoiding foods rich in sugar, salt and fat or that have been extensively processed is one of the first steps to take. Then choose the foods that best help control appetite and blood sugar levels, while providing a wide range of nutrients that make the immune system more strengthened.

Click on the image above and know the foods allowed and those that should be avoided by people with diabetes. However, it is important to point out that the impact of food varies from organism to organism and that therefore it is always important to seek advice and help from a doctor and nutritionist, because only then will you know which are the most suitable options for each case. When in doubt, speak to your doctor.
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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements by Merck & Pfizer

Merck & Pfizer leading pharmaceutical manufacturers recently showcased thier Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements. The pharma heavyweights announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is reviewing 3 New Drug Applications (NDAs) for medicines consisting of ertugliflozin.

Simultaneously, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has also taken up for review three Marketing Authorization Applications (MAAs) for ertugliflozin monotherapy 7 the 2 fixed-dose formulations.

These marketing formulations submitted to the FDA & EMA are supported by research in the Vertis clinical development area of ertugliflozin, including Vertis Mono, Vertis Factorial & Vertis Sita2, which were the very 1st presented at medical congresses in last year.

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The complete Vertis clinical development program is made up of nine Phase three trials in roughly twelve thousand six hundred adults with type 2 diabetes.

Must Get This : DIABETES Management Through Yoga and Exercise

Sam Engel, M.D., associate VP, Merck clinical research, diabetes & endocrinology, recently commented:

The acceptance of the 3 applications by both the FDA & EMA represents a significant milestone in the advancement of our joint efforts with Pfizer on ertugliflozin, & reflects Merck’s strong commitment to advancing new treatment soultions for people with this type of progressive diabetes around the world. When approved, we believe ertugliflozin will be a vital option for many patients & a welcome inclusion to our exsiting strong type two diabetes portfolio, with our DPP-4 inhibitor JANUVIA as the core.

ALSO READ: How To Control Type 2 Diabetes Through Natural Methods

James Rusnak, M.D., Ph.D., chief development officer, cardiovascular & metabolic diseases, Pfizer Global Product Development, also added:

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements, Merck & Pfizer, Insulin Resistance And Diabetes Control Through Natural Methods, How To Control Type 2 Diabetes Through Natural Methods, Because type two diabetes is a disease that is progressive, patients may need many treatment options to help them manage their condition. That is why we hold our heads high with the comprehensive VERTIS clinical development program, & we look positively at this joint effort with the FDA & EMA in a initiative to bring these 3 additional treatment choices to adults with type 2 diabetes.

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Find Out How Diabetes Can Be Reversed Naturally

What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally?

What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally


Prediabetes can be literally cured naturally by just making one change from the diet.
Prediabetes is defined as a person with high blood sugar, but not high enough to be diabetic. Typically prediabetics have a fasting blood sugar 100-125 mg/dl, or a hemoglobin A1C of 5.7-6.4%. A prediabetes diagnosis is a warning signal to type 2 diabetes, but there are also some other relevant health issues that play a role. Symptoms of prediabetes could include the following:

• Hypoglycemia
• Tired and moody
• Unusually hungry
• Frequent urination
• Digestive issues
• Blurry vision
• Dry mouth and eyes.

What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally?

What’s really being experienced is a slow down in the assembly line of organs that usually function together toward keeping your digestive system working optimally. In layman’s words, once one organ isn’t able to fulfill its assigned task. the other organs bear the brunt. In the event of prediabetes the liver is most probably the malfunctioning organ.
Journal Diabetes Care JDC have quoted that prediabetes is caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease FLD, which is believed to be the most common chronic liver disease in developed countries. The liver, functions as the filter of the human body, ultimately bearing the burden of your toxic surroundings through your diet.
The condition referred to as Fatty Liver Disease FLD Is Diet Related.
Fatty liver is pre-dominently caused by a diet high in animal protein & processed foods. Hence, the 1st thing you must consider doing when faced with a prediabetes diagnosis is to reevaluate your diet. Conquer your Diet and learn how prediabetes can be reversed naturally. Having said that, reevaluating your diet is the most empowering decision you can take to regain your good health.

Say No to Processed Foods

A Fatty Liver causes Your body to become Deficient.

A fatty liver isn’t something that can happen in a short period of time. It takes years and years to get to that condition. A Fatty Live is unable to retain B12 and other essential vitamins & minerals & thus, you’ll begin to witness deficiencies. A fatty liver will cease to neutralize plastics, pesticides & other toxins we encounter every day, which leave us with more toxicity within us. A fatty liver will not be able to release glucose as a backup for the pancreas, which is why you’ll see some hypoglycemic repercussions.
Most vitally, a fatty liver will not be able to properly filter the blood, contributing to blood readings showing elevated cholesterol, elevated high blood pressure, & ultimately culminating into heart disease.


Find Out How Diabetes Can Be Reversed Naturally


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