Protect Your Kidney From Failing

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Protect Your Kidney From Failing


(CKD) Chronic kidney disease

It is also known as chronic kidney failure is a progressive loss of the kidney functions over time without us knowing.

Dr. Umesh Dalal is a nephrologist in Stroudsburg. He shared a few important things with us.

Function of kidneyFunction of kidney


As we all know that the kidney plays a huge role in our daily life. Its function is to filter toxins and wastes from our blood and also makes urine. Drinking water regularly helps a lot to cleanse the body.


Study on CKD

As per study, the National Kidney Foundation found that more than 26 million Americans have CKD & they are not even aware of it.

It is a gradual disease. We do not feel it until it is too late and that is the last stages. Hence, it is vital to stay healthy, eat healthy and visit the doctor after few months to make sure your kidneys are functioning fine.

People with disease like diabetes and high blood sugar or people taking medications are on a higher risk of this Kidney disease.

Ways to prevent kidney failure

Dalal says that it is a life threatening disease. The best is to catch it early, so that it can be cured. If too late then no cures are there to stop it from failing.

You must control what you eat, choose right diets, exercise, meditate and stay active.

Protect Your Kidney From Failing

Keep track of your condition

The tablets we use daily when we have a headache or something is also harmful if used daily. Examples Ibuprofen or Asprin can cause this disease if taken in large quantities.  If we take this continuously, it will surely damage us and we will not live long.

You must monitor yourself and can even talk to your doctor if anything. If under medications, ask doctor if any other options or if it can be stopped.

There are certain tests also that are not good. A magnetic resonance imaging exam with contrast or other contrast-enhanced scan, Dalal says.

Diagnosis of our kidney

To diagnose, testing is done with the body fluids, imaging and biopsy. In the end, the results compared to previous ones to see if the Kidney is stable or not.

Many times, a sample of our kidney tissues removed to be examined under microscopes. Ultrasound may be used to assess your kidneys’ size & structure.

Making changes in our lifestyle like stop smoking and drinking may be difficult to stop but it will help us to live longer if we stop it sooner. If our kidneys fail, we may have to go on dialysis or have a transplant.


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Protect Your Kidney From Failing


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