Kidney disease symptoms in adults

Kidney disease symptoms in adults – What 8 signs to look for if your Kidney has a problem?

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Kidney disease symptoms in adults

5-Natural-Cures-For-Kidney-DiseaseThe above mentioned vitals have a location right under the rib cage. They carry the responsibilty for cleansing & detox. In layman’s terms they are that part of your body machinery that filters 10-150 quarts blood every 24 hours. This is vital for every body functions & it keeps the blood healthy too. The kidneys flush out excessive fluids or waste material from the living organism. They are responsible for the levels of electrolytes & keep bones strong & healthy, make more red blood cells (RBC) & stabilize the blood pressure (BP).

If the kidneys are in some form of trouble & can no longer function, as usual, then your health is in bigger trouble. Read carefully to identify early & prevent & problems linked to kidney damage or failure:

Kidney disease cause Swellings
When kidneys stop functioning effeciently, they cannot get rid of excess fluids as before & this will make the face bloated & swollen, also the joints & limbs.

Kidney disease Urination changes
The most obvious early signs are listed below:

  1. Problem urinating
  2. Pressure during the urinating process
  3. Dark coloration of urine, coupled with lower frequency of urinating & with small amounts
  4. Dull color of urine, coupled with frequent urination & in large amountsNatural-Treatments-To-Prevent-Kidney-Failure
  5. Foamy or froth like urine
  6. Abnormal urge to urinate during the night
  7. Rashes and other visible skin abnormalities
  8. The waste buildup in your body has a link to kidney failure – the skin gets itchy and a lot of rashes. This is because a lof the waste gets piled up in the blood & makes the skin look dry, inflamed & unhealthy. Topical cosmetics and other applications can ease up a little bit, but won’t solve the problem which comes from the inside.

Kidney disease causes Fatigue
If the kidneys are in the pink of thier health they produce EPO (erythropoietin). EPO is a hormone that produces more red blood cells (RBC) which bring oxygen to where it is needed. If the red blood cells number goes down, fatigue invariably follows & it will have an impact on the brain & muscles too. This is also a sign of chronic anemia.

Kidney disease causes Shortness of breath
This is a common problem and can be associated with many conditions, however if it happens in conjunction with the above symptions then it could  most likely be linked to kidney damage. The harmful pile up of toxins in the lungs is the root cause for this symptom.

Kidney disease casues a metallic taste in the mouth
The toxins & waste accumulated in the blood will change your taste to foods & even cause bad breath throughout the day. Another associated sign of kidney damage is poor appetite.

Kidney disease causes Pain
The ache in the lower back is another localized symptom of a bad kidney condition – that is the approximate area Herbal-Remedies-For-Kidney-Failuremore or less where kidneys are located. Pain can be aggravated infections or kidney stones.

Kidney disease causes Bad concentration & dizziness
Bad oxygen flow to the brain is a obvious sign of serious anemia, but the same can be caused by kidney failure. Your focus & concentration gets totally messed up, making you light headed, dizzy & causes memory issues.

Kidney disease symptoms in adults – Prevention tips

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