Give education to your children about kidney illness

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 Give education to your children about kidney illness

There is a new book published by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.Guy's and St Thomas NHS foundation

The Little Book about Kidneys has been designed for young children & aims to help parents & relatives explain to the kids how it affects them & how it is treated. This was funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association.

The book is filled with colors and uses the character of a dog named Dougal to guide children go through the pages by using simple terms and explaining what kidneys do & what can happen if they do not function properly, how people with the disease feel and about dialysis & transplantation.

Awareness for kids on kidney disease


Awareness for kids on kidney disease

For a fact, more than 3 million people are thought to be living with kidney disease in the UK. Victoria Hanson (clinical nurse specialist in kidney care) has written the book with help & advice from a child psychologist, play therapist & others to make sure young children would find it interesting, accessible & informative without disturbing them.

She got the idea of the book since her patient mentioned to her how tough it is for her to explain to her kids about the disease.

She recieved inspiration from the book written for children of women with breast cancer. that book was Mummy’s Lump.

To live with kidney disease & kidney failure can be very stressful & worrying. The thought of discussing it with our kids must be the most daunting challenge. Victoria hopes that the book is of some help to the parents and relatives.

A kidney patient’s views

Carly Anderson is a mother of 3 kids and is waiting for her turn to receive a kidney & pancreas transplant. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 which led to kidney problems & she now has kidney failure.

Carly aged 36 said that she felt this book very well illustrated and informative.

Further, she mentions that her kids also enjoy reading the book .They now understand how much I am going through.

Presently, there are good and bad days where I feel unwell and tired too.

Carly’s 13 year old daughter has put her views foward.

In the end, it surely will help those families where someone has this disease but unable to explain to kids.

A spokesperson from Guys and St.Thomas

A spokesperson from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association said that the disease is life-long which affects the patient along with their family & people they are close to. Ultimately, kids get to know more on the topic & it surely removes the fear.

It will allow them to see the real world. In the end, the publication makes us proud.

The book is available free of charge for Guy’s and St Thomas’ kidney patients

Online version is dowloadable.

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Give education to your children about kidney illness

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