Entire Family Fighting Rare Form Of Kidney Disease

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Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease

Can you imagine telling a child they cannot have chocolate or play certain sports because it could harm their health?  That is the life a West Michigan girl has after she was born with a rare type of kidney disease. Further, she is not the only one in the family with this disease.

Aged just 6 Lorelai Mier is a kindergartner who was born with Polystic Kidney disease which stops her from playing many sports and also her food intakes.

She is not allowed to eat chocolates, bananas and oranges.

Family diagnosed with same disease

Weirdly, even her brother Shane, her mother Danielle & also her siblings & father have kidney disease too but not as severe.

The mother Danielle says that it is a challenge for all of us in the family.

We don’t know how it will affect us, so we share information on this as we hear it.

Working of the kidney and treatment Kidney disease

Lorelai’s kidney function is right now at 30% & as a result she takes 6 different medications twice a day & along with that she has to check her blood pressure 3 times a day.

She also gets frequent blood draws and her mom says that it is making her a strong fighter. To be pointed out, the family knows the importance of staying active as that allows the kidney to keep working.

Raise awareness on Kidney disease

At the Grand Rapids Kidney Walk, the Mier’s family walks to raise money for research as well as to educate others about this.

Raise awareness on Kidney disease

Danielle views

The mother also said that it is good that Lorelai is around other people that have the same problems and fighting it out like a daily battle. It is encouraging and helps other parents also with kids having such a disease.


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Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

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