Improve Your Eyesight By Eating These

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Improve Your Eyesight By Eating These


Well, we all have that problem where we run into a lamppost and fell like idiots. How did we miss seeing it? Here are a few things that we can eat to improve our eyesight in the long run and promote healthy lifestyle.


Top foods for the Vegetarians

1. Carrots

Yes, we have heard that carrots are good for our eyesight and it contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Since childhood, we are told that carrots are the staple food for the eye.

Carrots for eyesight

2. Kale and Spinach

This is the most impressive duo you can ever get. They contain antioxidants and vitamins. There is nothing impossible with this. Even you can make a smoothie with this.

Healthy foods for eyes.

Top foods for the non vegetarians

1.     Eggs

Eggs for eyesight

Well, all of us love omelets. The eggs have lutein and vitamin A that is really good for functioning of the eye. This seems to be a win-win situation as we can eat our favorite breakfast and stay healthy. Great option

2.     Fish

Filled with Omega 3 and also helps your eyes stay strong. So pick up a salmon today, cook it and eat. Enjoy a great strong eye, do share with others too.

Fish for strong eyes

3.     Citrus Fruit

These are the best fruits to have. Citrus fruits are oranges, kiwi, grape, tangerines, & lemon. These all contain vitamin C that helps reduce the risk of getting cataracts. This is even a good relaxation bite and who does not like fruits.

Improve your eyesight by eating these

4.     Turkey


You might not be aware when you eat it but turkey has a bunch of zinc. It is really very healthy for our eyes.

We know so many amazing and healthy but also tempting foods that benefit us in the long run. Why not try each of them from today and stay active for life.

Do spread the word to your family and friends and keep your eyes strong and healthy too.


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Improve Your Eyesight By Eating These


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