Improve Eyesight In 3 Months With This

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Improve Eyesight In 3 Months With This.

Michael Mosley

We all face the issue of deteriorating eyesight as we get older, but here is something that we can eat to improve our eyesight.

Michiel Mosley experience

My experience

My eyesight has never been good. I have worn glasses for most of my life and I only expect it to get worse.

When the “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor” team recommended that I try taking some supplements to improve the eyesight, I was skeptical because I am not a person who believes in supplements.

Nonetheless, I headed to meet Prof John Barbur of City University in London. There, I had my eyes check-up thoroughly. Noticing, he was very interested in my retina which is the light sensitive part of the eye.

Testing the eyes

He made me stare at a computer screen in the dark for hours and doing all the tests with precision and measuring all details.

It included my perception of various colors, small and faint objects. Also night vision was checked.

Testing the eyes

Further, he also measured the level of protection my retina (the macula) had against damage from high energy blue & UV light.

This protection acts like u sunscreen that we have covering the light-detecting cells & is made up of yellowish “macular pigments”.

The results of the tests

This was fascinating as well as depressing.

I had diabetes earlier in my life, owing to that I had poorly detected the colors yellow & blue.

My night vision & perception of details were also low comparing it to younger people though consistent with my age.

What was the remedy for my eyesight?

The Trust Me team then allotted me a 90 day supply of supplement pills that they perceived would help me.

It contained concentrations of certain compounds found in colored plants.

It was extracted from marigolds and had 2 key chemicals namely lutein & zeaxanthin which is largely found in foods we eat.

What I did next

I met a team in US that customized a smoothie for me that had similar levels of lutein & zeaxanthin.

The combination was of various fruits & vegetables like kale and kiwi along with fats such as milk & wheat germ oil that help the absorption of the key compounds.

After use of supplement nutrients

12 weeks later, I went back to City University to check if the decision I made had any difference to my eyes.

The professor said there was noteworthy improvement in all aspects. I was able to detect the color correct and my night vision too had improved. The protective macular pigment also got boosted.

My other doctor in Ireland has also been doing research on this for a long time.

He also said that by adding the same 3 nutrients that I added to my diet solves the eyesight problem.

Therefore, the supplement helps to slow down the aging process.

In the UK, this is a major cause of vision loss.

The key nutrients

  1. Lutein

It is a yellow compound made only by plants. Animals receive it by eating plants. For humans, yellow yolks of the egg or spinach and kale are great.

The key nutrients

  1. Zeaxanthin

It is another yellow compound similar to lutein & produced by plants to absorb light. Corn, bell peppers and saffron gets the yellow color from this chemical.

  1. Meso-zeaxanthin

It is a form of zeaxanthin made in our body from lutein. More research to be done to know its effectiveness.

Also found in the skin of fishes.


We can now tell our parents that there are other options other than carrots to do the same function.

Note for kids

Improve eyesight in 3 months with this

Therefore, if you want to improve your eyesight, you have no other option than munch on the leafy vegetables.


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Improve Eyesight In 3 Months With This.

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