How To Improve Vision Without Glasses !

How To Improve Vision Without Glasses !

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Click Here In this video I will show you how to improve your vision without glasses or if you are using glasses or contact lens, you will be able to minimize and even get rid of them. Before going further let me clarify that it is extremely up to to you how well you follow them and it might give effects differently on person to person depending you age and lifestyle. Alright, so you might be thinking that if it possible to improve vision without glasses then why doctors recommend glasses, are they not aware of these methods or are they being greedy. See, I will not say your doctors are being greedy or dishonest, but the kind of training and education they get is dominated by the optical industry that produces these optical instruments, therefore there is more emphasis on people or the doctors who undergo training to study and train in such a manner that they also learn to promote using these optical devices. Also since people want immediate solutions that are easy to take in and require minimal efforts, therefore docs give them the glasses. The truth is that you can improve your vision or eyesight with the help of some simple natural exercises that will enhance your optical nerves and thus give you better eyesight. The first exercise that I have shown you above is bases on eye movement, rotate your eyes, move them right or left for few minutes. Then relax by closing them and putting your hand over them so that no amount of light reaches them. Also when you sleep, make sure you sleep in complete darkness. The artificial light has led to more strain on your eyes. These exercises and recommendation are based on Dr Bates research on how to improve vision without glasses. how to improve vision without glasses improve your vision without glasses improve eyesight naturally improve eyesight without glasses how to improve vision how to improve eyesight natural vision improvement natural eyesight improvement get rid of glasses

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