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Diabetes type 1

Recently, an 11-year-old Florida boy set out to cure diabetes and his family decided to sell their home and everything in it.

walk to defeat diabetes



Named Noah Barnes, he has type 1 diabetes diagnosed since he was 16 months old.

He wants to make sure that no child has to go through what he is going through.

The Noah’s March Foundation has raised $15,000 dollars upto now. Noah will march across America in his effort to cure diabetes and spread awareness.

“Forty years ago they said they were pretty close to a cure and then 40 years later….. We still don’t have a cure. Noah Barnes says he is disappointed at this.

Noah got the idea after reading an article online about a diabetes walk fundraiser. He then asked his father– How far do I need to walk so that I can be cured? 

Robert Barnes, the father was not sure of doing the walk and it took about 1 week for Noah to convince him. Noah started training.

Spread awareness diabetes

Now, the whole family is marching from Key West Florida to Washington and it is like a long field trip says Robert.

The three siblings have been on the road for three months. Noah’s brother, 8-year-old John, says it hasn’t been easy. John says he likes the colder places as he does not like to sweat. Noah hopes that others too will support him on this journey.

Noah Barnes diabetes

Noah has worn shoes for this entire journey, and has 3 pairs of shoes. One was for training.

Noah Barnes has a commendable attitude and says “I do not want to quit.” 

On the way, passing through Ashland city, they met few 4th grade children and spoke about diabetes and educated them.

Noah and his family will be passing by Chattanooga on Tuesday afternoon, before they head towards Nashville. They hope to be in Washington by the month of November. Noah and his siblings are homeschooling, while on the road.

spread awareness diabetes.


The kids and us have been enjoying and it is great to meet people and spread awareness. It’s a joy.






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