How do I manage my blood glucose level

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 How do I manage my blood glucose level

How do I manage my blood glucose level

 You want to manage your blood glucose levels, here is an app that will help.

For individuals with type 2 diabetes, managing glucose levels can be a daily challenge.

Recently,  introduction of a new algorithm-based app may soon take some of this stress away.

New app

mobile phone apps for type 1 diabetes

A lot of work pending in the process.

The idea behind the personalized technology is to predict the impact of each meal on a user’s blood sugar levels.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

For a fact, Type 2 diabetes affects upwards of 29 million people in the United States.

Additionally, as a result 86 million adults have prediabetes.

Can develop into type 2 diabetes if lifestyle changes not implemented.

best app for type 2 diabetes

Need for checking our intake of foods to ensure the correct blood glucose levels are maintained. most importantly if levels are too high for prolonged periods of time, serious health complications can arise.

In short, medication is done to help manage sugar level fluctuations, but exercise and diet also play a substantial role.

The impact of specific food types on glucose levels being estimated is not an exact science.

Effects can vary substantially between individuals and they can even vary within an individual dependent on a range of factors.

Research and Findings

A report, published in PLOS Computation Biology explains how a group of scientists have integrated an algorithm into an app called Glucoracle, which goes some way toward solving this problem.


In New York, at CUMC, David Albers, Ph.D, lead author of study explains:

“It is tough for people to understand the true impact of the dietary choices even after expert’s guidance.

Albers and team attempt to design an algorithm that can help individuals to make more informed dietary decisions.

App for diabetes

Albers explains how the app works:

“The algorithm as a result is integrated in an easy-to-use app to predict the consequences of eating certain meal before the food is eaten, allowing individuals to make better nutritional choices during mealtime.”

The algorithm used a technique utlized in a range of modern applications.

Includes weather prediction.

Diabetes app workings

The app does data include blood sugar measurements and nutritional information & makes a mathematical model of an individual’s response to glucose on a daily basis.

Lena Mamykina, Ph.D., assistant professor of biomedical informatics at CUMC and a study co-author, explains: “The data assimilator is continually updated with the user’s food intake and blood glucose measurements, personalizing the model for that individual.”

Users of Glucoracle have an option to upload pictures of a meal with rough estimates of nutritional content, along with fingerstick blood measurements.

On the bright side, the app can then almost provide an immediate prediction of post-meal blood sugar levels.

After using app for 1 week

Then it will produce predictions.

This allows the data assimilator to learn how the individual user responds to various types of food. The estimate and forecast adjusts for accuracy over time.

How well does it work?

Overall research carried out on five individuals.

Three had type 2 diabetes and two did not.

Therefore the app predicted changes in glucose levels following a particular meal.

Similarly, we also compared it with the actual glucose measurements.

Best app for type 2 diabetes

Readings quite accurately measured in the non-diabetic participants. 3 people with diabetes, the results turned inaccurate

To begin with, we thought that physiological fluctuations in patients .

Probably due to parameter error, results turned out inaccurate.

Secondly and most important, the predictions were “still comparable” to those of certified diabetes educators.

In contrast, the results are not perfect.

Moreover, Albers is not disheartened. with this in mind, he said:

Certainly, the next step is room for improvement.

The evaluation designed to prove possibility, using routine self-monitoring data, generate real-time glucose forecasts that people could use to make better nutritional choices.

We have made type 2 diabetes manageable easily.

We are trying to better the app.

Plans for larger clinical trial & researchers hope that the app will be ready for widespread use in two years.

To summarize, its all in the making.

There is no doubt, we all will be talking about this rather sooner than later.

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How do I manage my blood glucose level





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