How plant insulin keeps diabetes under control naturally

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How plant insulin keeps diabetes under control naturally


Indian Bitter Melon And Diabetes
Facts – Indian Bitter Melon And Diabetes

These are some free tips from the natural pharmacist and we’re going to show you how to make plant insulin using a vegetable called Indian bitter melon.
Bitter melon can be purchased at your local Asian supermarket such as Hmart or Great Wall supermarket.
Bitter melon contains a substance called polypeptide p also referred to as plant insulin because it has very similar actions to insulin in that it lowers blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.Indian Bitter Melon Health Benefits

Make bitter melon juice using a juicer

The first step is that you want to cut the bitter melon in half and take the seeds out and then we’re going to cut the melon into small pieces and place it into a juicer.
Use the juicer in the masticating mode or slow juicing mode and that helps to ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients are preserved in the juice.
Bitter melon juice can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
Drink 2 ounces of bitter melon juice in the evening at bedtime in the morning use a glucose meter to measure fasting glucose levels before eating breakfast.
You’ll notice that your fasting blood glucose levels have been lowered from the bitter melon juice.
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How plant insulin keeps diabetes under control naturally

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