Health benefits of okra for Diabetes & Cholesterol

Health Benefits of Okra for Diabetes

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Health benefits of okra for Diabetes & Cholesterol

What Is Okra?

Health benefits of okra for Diabetes & Cholesterol
Find out all the Health benefits of okra for Diabetes & Cholesterol

Okra is part of the same plant family as hibiscus & cotton. The word “okra” generally refers to the edible seedpods of the plant.
Okra consists of potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, & calcium. It’s not at all high in calories & is abundant in dietary fiber content.
Popular forms of okra for natural cures include okra water, okra peels, & powdered seeds.

Okra, AKA “lady’s fingers” & “gumbo,” is a green colored flowering plant.

Okra has long been adviced in the diet for the health-conscious. Off late, a lesser known benefit of including okra in your diet is being considered. Okra has been suggested to help control diabetes in cases of type one, type two, & gestational diabetes.

Cases of diabetes diagnoses are relentlessly on the rise, as per the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The judgement is out on whether okra can be used effeciently as a direct blood sugar treatment.

Studies on Okra & Benefits for Blood Sugar
Medical studies & research on okra for blood sugar management is still in the infant stage. We do know that as per 1 leading study, okra water improved diabetes levels of pregnant rodents that had gestational diabetes. Roasted seed of okra, which have for long been used in Turkey to treat blood sugar, have also been studied & proven to have a beneficial effect on lowering blood sugar.

Okra positive benefit #1: Dietary Fiber
Okra is abundant in fiber. 8 medium-sized pods are estimated to contain three gms of fiber. This bulk fiber quanity has many benefits. It helps constipation, cuts hunger pangs, & keeps those who eat it satiated for longer. Increased dietary fiber consumption has been shown to elevate better glycemic control & improve insulin production.

Okra positive benefit #2: Anti-Stress Effects
There is proof that the seed extracts of okra posses an antioxidant, anti-stress effect in the bloodstream of rodents. Being in control of stress levels is an key part of managing blood sugar.

Okra positive benefit #3: May Help Lower Cholesterol
Okra has been known to lower cholesterol levels in diabetic lab rats. Foods with antioxidant qualities & high fiber content are suggested for those with diabetes because they reduce cholesterol.

Okra positive benefit #4: Anti-Fatigue Benefit
One study suggests that recovery times & “fatigue levels” can be improved by consumption of the okra plant. By making okra part of your diet along with a healthy fitness regime, you may be able to work out for longer & recover faster from your exercise.

Health benefits of okra for Diabetes and Cholesterol
Health benefits of okra for Diabetes and Cholesterol


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