Diabetic Rugby Player Hopes To Inspire Health Management

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Diabetic Rugby Player Hopes To Inspire Health Management

Healthy eating campaign

There is a healthy eating campaign in the UK & a Type 2 diabetic rugby player will also be featured.

Diabetic rugby player

Aged 28, Dan Millington is 1 of 7 people to feature in the Diabetes UK led ‘food you love’ campaign & will be a showcasing how he has not let diabetes come in between him and his food.

In the year 2010, Dan was diagnosed diabetes after he noticed he was losing weight & had been feeling really tired & thirsty.

Diabetic rugby player hopes to inspire health management
Watch Diabetic rugby player hopes to inspire health management

High hopes to inspire

The charity has high hopes to inspire a lot of people from over the world with this disease to make best changes to manage their diabetes.

On showcase at event

He will be showcasing green masala fish curry.

Dan is also a Tesco driver. He says that diabetes is something that can haunt you at first. But there are amazing people in the world to help with advice and willing to support you.

Diabetes is not about do’s & don’ts, it is mainly about moderation & finding the balance.”

Dan’s life now

After he was diagnosed, he has till now lost 5 ½ stones by changing his lifestyle and still plays rugby for his local team and enjoys it.

He no longer needs any medications to manage this condition & keeps control on himself along with diet & exercise.

The head at Diabetes UK Stephen Ryan said: to enjoy what we eat gives us pleasure, but when it comes to eating healthy, we need some inspiration.

On a daily basis, we get questions from diabetic people on what our experts say to eat and not to eat.

We say, these recipes for the food we love that is healthier as a practical answer.

We also hope that Dan’s story inspires diabetic people to start wearing the chef caps and start cooking something healthy. These recipes make a delicious meal.

For a fact

For a fact

In the UK, 4.5 million people have diabetes, 1 million have the type 2 diabetes but are unaware of the problem as they have not been diagnosed.


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Diabetic Rugby Player Hopes To Inspire Health Management

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