Cure for Type 1 Diabetes may be a Vaccine

176 0 Your diabetes information station Get involved. Help get this research program off the ground. One of the most promising answers to how to cure Type 1 diabetes. So far the vaccine has performed well in lab tests using mice. A lot of happy formerly diabetic mice are running around. Your support is needed. Breakfast: 1 meat (2 oz protein or 1 slice American cheese or 1 boiled egg) 1 bread (one slice of any kind of bread) 1 fruit (small orange, apple or 8 oz v-8 juice) Lunch 2 bread 1 meat (1 boiled egg or small can potted meat or tuna, 2oz hamburger patty) All the free raw vegetables you wanted to eat with 1 oz of salad dressing. Snack Fruit or cracker or an apple and in the afternoon at work, I often had hot tea and 1 Cadbury cracker (chocolate covered). Dinner 2 meat, 1 bread (1 slice bread or 1 small baked potato or 1/2 cup rice) 1 serving limited vegetables eg: carrots or squash etc. plus all the free raw vegetables. dessert& grapes or other fruit.. Bedtime Snack two honey graham crackers and 8 oz milk& There was also a small amount of fat equal to 3 pats of butter& so I used regular milk in my coffee, sour cream on my baked potato (get twice as much as has 1/2 the calories of butter) and no SUGAR IN ANYTHING. I STARTED THE DIET ON OCTOBER 29, 1983 AND BY FEBRUARY 25, 1984 I HAD LOST 40 POUNDS. Oh yeah, for exercise I walked during my lunch hour after I ate my potted meat sandwich (easy to measure & cheap) and took my apple with me while I walked. The hardest part was going home and cooking dinner for kids and husband not on a diet, but I found after awhile, I could eat the meat eg: meatloaf, roast, baked fish, steamed shrimp, lots of vegs. carrot sticks, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. and green beans, and just limit my bread at night and get by. I also found that drinking coffee would slow my weight loss so limited it to none or one cup per day. I know because I weighed myself every morning and found that if I drank very much coffee I didn t lose weight the following day. You are what You Eat so You Have to Make a Life Style Change Getting your mind set or attitude towards dieting is important. I had a great reason to diet and lose the excess weight..I was scared to death of the Insulin shots. That would motivate anyone who had the fear of shots that I had! If you don t have such a motivator, you might want to think about this remark by a retired physician Dr. Gary M. Levin who said, I have felt the pain of so many patients and their families who have been struck by Diabetes. You take medications that may reduce asymptomatic acute attacks and control blood sugar levels but they just don t work when it comes to fully treating your Diabetes condition. reference: Having the right attitude towards food is as necessary as what you eat or don t eat. Is is important to move from the trap of living to eat over to eating to live. Controlling diabetes can be as simple and easy as you want to make it. Since You are What You Eat& put your thinking cap on and take charge of your life now. After all as a type 2 diabetic you weren t born with a tag stuck on your big toe: Diabetic. Now for the Nitty Gritty. The first and most effective treatment for diabetes is a combination of diet and exercise. It is up to you to find the right combination that you can live with.

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