latest research on the artificial pancreas,

Clinical Control of Diabetes by Artificial Pancreas

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Clinical control of diabetes by artificial pancreas


Could anyone believe that artificial organs could just be the norm where scientific research is considered?

Well, the University of Virginia has successfully developed also done a trial on the artificial pancreas to help children control Type 1 diabetes.

This could well be a major breakthrough in scientific research that will send shock waves throughout the community moving ahead.



Research on artificial pancreas

Tangible and feasible solutions research done by scientists from all over the world to fight diabetes. Unfortunately, to no effect.

Though recently, there seems to be a small light at the far end of this long tunnel in recent times.

Yes, the University of Virginia has developed an artificial pancreas that will surely help young children to control their Type 1 diabetes.Clinical control of diabetes by artificial pancreas



Though on paper, creating an artificial pancreas would sound like something worth checking out.

There is never a guarantee for success.



What this “organ” does is that it actively monitors & regulates the blood-sugar levels of its host.

This removes the need of manual injections of insulin nor do we need to prick our fingers to check blood sugar levels.

As advertised, this artificial pancreas is significant for the medical sector as a whole.


Latest research on artificial pancreas

With technology,

All data gathered by artificial pancreas sent to a reconfigured smart phone.

It will run algorithms to process the data.

The smart phone then forwards the information to a blood-sugar monitor & insulin pump worn by the person suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

Additionally, all information simultaneously broadcast to a remote monitoring site.

On patient behalf, data collected

Another huge benefit to this artificial pancreas is that it can also prevent hypoglycemic events, which is 1 of the bigger concern for children with Type 1 diabetes.latest research on the artificial pancreas,



Conduction of a field trial among twelve children and all were perfectly capable to control their diabetes using the new method.


Results good

Noticing, children wearing the artificial pancreas had lower average blood-sugar levels.

No increment in hypoglycemia during trial

This was designed for children between the age of five & eight.

And it differs from technology devised to support other age categories in upcoming future.

For the time-being, the plan is to monitor children for extended period of time and check whether the artificial pancreas is as effective at school as well.


Experimental artificial pancreas

Conducted first test during a 68-hour window both with and without the pancreas.

This only gives a glimpse of how this “organ” could hold up.

Further plans are to provide an artificial pancreas to children aged 14+ & suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

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Clinical control of diabetes by artificial pancreas


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