Can a fasting diet help treat diabetes

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Can a fasting diet help treat diabetes ‘Yo-yo diet’ emerging cure for diabetes

A yo-yo diet revolving around starvation that ‘re-boots’ pancreatic cells has been proved to reverse diabetes.

The surprising result, demonstrated in rats, raises the chances of treating the condition without any form of medication that regulate blood sugar.

Members of the American team are now calling for a large government-aided experiment to test the approach in humans.

Early findings from a Phase 2 study of hundred human volunteers have already shown that the diet diminishes risk factor markers for cancer, diabetes & heart ailments.

Researchers conducting the new study triggered the re-growth of insulin-secreting pancreatic cells in diabetic lab rats & reduced symptoms of both the Type-one and Type-two diabetes.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) was the brain child of Professor Valter Longo at the University of Southern California as a technique to protect cancer patients from the toxic side effects of chemo-therapy.

It involves a 30 day fasting regime in which calorie consumption is cut drastically by around 2/3rds for 5 days.

The subject then returns to regular levels of food intake for the remaining tweny five days.

To maintain a healthy weight, a man needs to consume 2,500 calories each day & a woman 2,000 calories.

People on Dr Longo’s regiment have to settle for fewer than 800 calories during the fasting dyration.

For the laboratory rats, the diet was adapted by cutting by half their calorie intake on day 1 & cutting it to just 10pc of normal levels on days 2 to 4.

After 4 days, the mice were allowed to eat as much as they wanted for ten days to rebuild their body weight.

Two different strains of lab rats were used to mimic the 2 kinds of diabetes.

Both diabetic conditions were reversed by FMD cycles.

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