Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes

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Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes

Research on Aussie soft drinks

The Aussie soft drinks have a much higher level of glucose which is a cause of the hike in chances to develop a heart disease & Type 2 diabetes.

Things to know:

The Australian soft drinks increases the risk of diabetes as there is 22% more glucose in contrast to the US brands.

More than 30% of population consumes soft drinks on a daily basis.

A Professor from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Bronwyn Kingwell said that this study is very much relevant to the Australians and their consumption of the soft drinks.

She also mentioned that it is the glucose and not the fructose that elevates the plasma glucose & insulin which allows the body to develop the diseases like diabetes after they consume the drinks.

Tax proposal on sugar sweetened beverages

Research on Aussie soft drinks

In recent times, a new Tax on Sugar-sweetened beverages has been requested. The proposal made to the Federal Government is to help reduce the high rates of Diabetes.

This request made by many leading health organizations like (AMA) Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners & also the Consumers Health Forum.

Professor Kingwell said:

It is now a major concern rising in the society.

Eventually, we build up fats in our liver.

What is unknown by the public are its effects on their health.

A new study by Kingwell found that 39% of all men & 29% of women drank the sugar-sweetened beverages on a daily basis which accounts for it to be the largest source of sugar in the Australian diet.

Researcher’s thoughts on the new tax proposal and

Link between soft drink and obesity

Tax proposal on sugar sweetened beverages

We now need to spread the awareness.

In the meantime, more research can be done on this topic.

In order to do this, people must stop drinking these drinks or significantly, lower its consumption levels. Doing so, we can

  • Save more than 1600 lives.
  • Raise close to $400 million per year for obesity prevention initiatives as per research done by the Obesity Policy Coalition if the 20% tax on these drinks get introduced.

On the other side, the manufacturers of these drinks rejects the observations made and say no such link exists.


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Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes, tax proposal on sugar sweetened beverages, research on Aussie soft drinks, link between soft drink and obesity, researcher’s thoughts on the new tax proposal.

Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes

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