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Research reveals many doctors are clueless of how to handle HIV / AIDS patients

A research conducted at fifteen Comprehensive HIV Care Services Centers revealed that many medical practitioners still do not know how to handle patients with this deadly virus.

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Discrimination against those affected and living with HIV is alarmingly high, said the head of CONAVIHSIDA, who on the occasion of the commemoration on March 1 of the International Day of O Discrimination, called on the medical fraternity to give humane treatment to those affected.

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Walis Ramírez works as a head of monitoring the population living with AIDS, serves in the Partnership for the battle against HIV & AIDS & CONAVHISIDA, illustrated that seeing patients with complaints of discrimination in public health centers is their everyday challenge.

This report is confirmed by the president of the Organization of transsexuals, transvestites & transgender, who explains that this adversely effects the health of those unfortunate patients.

CONAVIHSIDA director Víctor Terrero presented a research to SIN News, conducted at fifteen Comprehensive AIDS Care Services Centers that revealed that many ‘so called qualified doctors’ still do not know how to handle patients with HIV.

People who choose to show support in the social networks can do so until March 7th when the campaign ends.

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