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Protect Your Kidney From Failing


(CKD) Chronic kidney disease

It is also known as chronic kidney failure is a progressive loss of the kidney functions over time without us knowing.

Dr. Umesh Dalal is a nephrologist in Stroudsburg. He shared a few important things with us.

Function of kidney


As we all know that the kidney plays a huge role in our daily life. Its function is to filter toxins and wastes from our blood and also makes urine. Drinking water regularly helps a lot to cleanse the body.


Study on CKD

As per study, the National Kidney Foundation found that more than 26 million Americans have CKD & they are not even aware of it.

It is a gradual disease. We do not feel it until it is too late and that is the last stages. Hence, it is vital to stay healthy, eat healthy and visit the doctor after few months to make sure your kidneys are functioning fine.

People with disease like diabetes and high blood sugar or people taking medications are on a higher risk of this Kidney disease.

Ways to prevent kidney failure

Dalal says that it is a life threatening disease. The best is to catch it early, so that it can be cured. If too late then no cures are there to stop it from failing.

You must control what you eat, choose right diets, exercise, meditate and stay active.

Keep track of your condition

The tablets we use daily when we have a headache or something is also harmful if used daily. Examples Ibuprofen or Asprin can cause this disease if taken in large quantities.  If we take this continuously, it will surely damage us and we will not live long.

You must monitor yourself and can even talk to your doctor if anything. If under medications, ask doctor if any other options or if it can be stopped.

There are certain tests also that are not good. A magnetic resonance imaging exam with contrast or other contrast-enhanced scan, Dalal says.

Diagnosis of our kidney

To diagnose, testing is done with the body fluids, imaging and biopsy. In the end, the results compared to previous ones to see if the Kidney is stable or not.

Many times, a sample of our kidney tissues removed to be examined under microscopes. Ultrasound may be used to assess your kidneys’ size & structure.

Making changes in our lifestyle like stop smoking and drinking may be difficult to stop but it will help us to live longer if we stop it sooner. If our kidneys fail, we may have to go on dialysis or have a transplant.


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Protect Your Kidney From Failing


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Local Rehab Partners with Southern Ontario-based Company

A North Bay business has expanded after it joined forces with a Southern Ontario-based company.

Reconnect which provides speech, language & swallowing assessment to adults with difficulties from brain injury, stroke and neurological diseases has now converted to Community Rehab North, the 1st Northern Ontario location for the Community Rehab, which has its head office in Hamilton & has branches in London, Brampton, Cambridge & Catharines.

The Community Rehab North on Wednesday officially opened its doors at 204 First Avenue.W

Monique Lugli is the director who is also a speech pathologist & Reconnect’s founder.

Community Rehab North services

The Community Rehab North offers various services.

This includes speech-language pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietician services in the home or work environment and also does social work.

Continuum is a division of Community Rehab that works with private sector companies & is located in the Community Rehab North office.

How the rehab partnered

“We have been here as a company since 20 years and our head office is in Hamilton.

It is when Monique thought of growing her business that we looked at a partnership with her in North Bay  -said Lynn Corbey (executive vice president at Community Rehab)

He also said that the Community Rehab North will work close with the public sector agencies such as the Community Care Access Centre & local hospitals as it will handle the needs of private sector employers & insurance companies.

We have the services needed but sometimes it is hardest to find the professionals for rehab. We also have a large number of therapist who work with us.

Community Rehab North plans to grow

Community Rehab North also has its plans in place in case of any overloads to hospitals. We can also provide therapists to the CCAC.

I personally have lived in North Bay for 4 years.

“Our goal is to make sure we grow without any backdrops.

Also want to offer the best to the residents in our area with our professional and reliable services.
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Local Rehab Partners with Southern Ontario-based Company

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Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease

Can you imagine telling a child they cannot have chocolate or play certain sports because it could harm their health?  That is the life a West Michigan girl has after she was born with a rare type of kidney disease. Further, she is not the only one in the family with this disease.

Aged just 6 Lorelai Mier is a kindergartner who was born with Polystic Kidney disease which stops her from playing many sports and also her food intakes.

She is not allowed to eat chocolates, bananas and oranges.

Family diagnosed with same disease

Weirdly, even her brother Shane, her mother Danielle & also her siblings & father have kidney disease too but not as severe.

The mother Danielle says that it is a challenge for all of us in the family.

We don’t know how it will affect us, so we share information on this as we hear it.

Working of the kidney and treatment 

Lorelai’s kidney function is right now at 30% & as a result she takes 6 different medications twice a day & along with that she has to check her blood pressure 3 times a day.

She also gets frequent blood draws and her mom says that it is making her a strong fighter. To be pointed out, the family knows the importance of staying active as that allows the kidney to keep working.

Raise awareness on Kidney disease

At the Grand Rapids Kidney Walk, the Mier’s family walks to raise money for research as well as to educate others about this.

Danielle views

The mother also said that it is good that Lorelai is around other people that have the same problems and fighting it out like a daily battle. It is encouraging and helps other parents also with kids having such a disease.


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Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

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 Give education to your children about kidney illness

There is a new book published by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The Little Book about Kidneys has been designed for young children & aims to help parents & relatives explain to the kids how it affects them & how it is treated. This was funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association.

The book is filled with colors and uses the character of a dog named Dougal to guide children go through the pages by using simple terms and explaining what kidneys do & what can happen if they do not function properly, how people with the disease feel and about dialysis & transplantation.


Awareness for kids on kidney disease

For a fact, more than 3 million people are thought to be living with kidney disease in the UK. Victoria Hanson (clinical nurse specialist in kidney care) has written the book with help & advice from a child psychologist, play therapist & others to make sure young children would find it interesting, accessible & informative without disturbing them.

She got the idea of the book since her patient mentioned to her how tough it is for her to explain to her kids about the disease.

She recieved inspiration from the book written for children of women with breast cancer. that book was Mummy’s Lump.

To live with kidney disease & kidney failure can be very stressful & worrying. The thought of discussing it with our kids must be the most daunting challenge. Victoria hopes that the book is of some help to the parents and relatives.

A kidney patient’s views

Carly Anderson is a mother of 3 kids and is waiting for her turn to receive a kidney & pancreas transplant. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 which led to kidney problems & she now has kidney failure.

Carly aged 36 said that she felt this book very well illustrated and informative.

Further, she mentions that her kids also enjoy reading the book .They now understand how much I am going through.

Presently, there are good and bad days where I feel unwell and tired too.

Carly’s 13 year old daughter has put her views foward.

In the end, it surely will help those families where someone has this disease but unable to explain to kids.

A spokesperson from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association said that the disease is life-long which affects the patient along with their family & people they are close to. Ultimately, kids get to know more on the topic & it surely removes the fear.

It will allow them to see the real world. In the end, the publication makes us proud.

The book is available free of charge for Guy’s and St Thomas’ kidney patients

Online version is dowloadable.

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Give education to your children about kidney illness

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 Climate changes blamed for kidney disease

In recent times in El Salvador, there has been an abnormal rise in the number of deaths from kidney disease and its blame is on the change of climate.

Outside the town of Tierra Blanca at around 10 in the morning, the mercury is already close to 31 degrees.

At the sugarcane fields, the workers arrive. Both men & women be it young or old come wearing thick jeans with long-sleeved shirts & face scarves to protect their face from the scorching heat of the sun.

They have to move fast between rows of cane, bending, reaching, clipping & trimming them in preparation for harvesting the crop in the coming weeks.

In the area of slight shade, old Pepsi & Fanta bottles full of water swing from tree branches.

People’s life stories.

As a matter of fact, these workers do not stop until their shift gets over in the noon and keep going without any rest.

  1. Amongst these workers is the 25 year old Jesus Linares. He explained his dreams to be a language teacher but has no options as he has to support his family just like the others. He says all about his dreams in English. At young age of 8, he learned hiding in the towering canes whenever the police would come on rounds to check if any under-aged children forced to work. In the evenings, he likes to listen to English audio programs or maybe read a language book. He is unable to do so as he is very tired. The thought that something is wrong with his health, he decides to visit the Tierra Blanca clinic. His blood tests revealed that Linares was in the early stages of chronic kidney disease.

Other cases

  1. We have another similar story in the Bajo Lempa region where close to 25% of its population have chronic kidney disease and this is a major cause of hospital deaths in El Salvador. This disease is commonly caused by hypertension & diabetes, but surprisingly, the death of the people had no such problems.
  2. In Tierra Blanca, Juan Pablo Paniagua aged 60, says his story as he was a kid working in a corn field and as a fisherman also but only now he feels the strange change in his body.
  3. No pain is there but it is like “I am decaying slowly”. He has taken the dialysis 3 times a week for 2 ½ years. The treatment costs $120 for a single session which he now cannot afford.

Researcher’s corner:

They say that it is mostly in men & arises in hot and humid conditions. People like farmers, fishermen and workers at construction sites are a few that work in such conditions.

Dehydration causes acute kidney disease that can be easily reversed by drinking water. People go to hospitals, but when they are unable to get any treatment for this, return home to die.

At the Rosales National Hospital in San Salvador, the story is the same.

In fact, they were absolutely fine 3 months ago and did not need to visit a doctor.

The people felt scared when they could not go to work because of their illness.

The Salvadoran culture is to work hard and has continued since 1980’s till date.

A kidney specialist

García-Trabanino explains that the disease is a silent one.

As a result, it destroys the kidney.

Moreover, once we feel we are seriously ill, prepare our self for treatment it is too late.

The study:

The numbers after a few months reached 200. In recent times, the number has elevated to close to 1000 cases.

The hospital has almost 30 new patients arriving in a month. The hospital only has resources for half of them.

How kidney disease eats into you

To explain, Chronic kidney disease destroys the kidney tissue until it can no longer filter waste from the blood.

This disease damages the glomeruli (the tiny units that clean the blood), the new form destroys the renal tubules, where urine is made & transported & the interstitium, which is around the other structures in the kidneys & helps maintain the right balance of fluid.


They teamed up with Emmanuel Jarquin (an occupational health & safety consultant) & Emergency Social Fund for Health in Tierra Blanca.

Researchers moved around the different areas.

They decided to make comparison between the workers working 500 meters above sea level and in lowland areas.

The results were astonishing. After taking the urine samples, they found that all across Central America & southern Mexico were suffering from the disease and most of them were in the first stage luckily but yet unaware of the situation.

Research on mice

1 group of mice put in hot sun for long hours with water given only in evenings.

2nd group of mice given the chance of drinking unlimited water.

Results and cause

As a result, mice given limited water had developed the disease.

The researcher went on to check the weather for that day & noticed that it was the hottest day of the year & a huge heat wave had struck.

Climate change was the cause of this development of disease.

Dehydration is the main cause as it drains all the salt and water from our body.

Our kidneys are the first in line to be attacked by the disease as it is the role of kidney to keep electrolytes within the normal range & blood volume stable.

The people taught to be fighters and continue to do that.


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Climate changes blamed for kidney disease






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Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds – to Donate Kidney to a Friend

Find out how this Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds


Rebekah Ceidro, a Pennsylvania woman lost in excess of forty pounds to give her kidney to a longtime

Can Chris Moore can avoid a kidney transplant


Rebekah Ceidro, aged 33, had worked with her friend Chris Moore, aged 30, for five years at a local eatery and later kept in touch through Facebook.

But in July, when Ceidro saw Moore’s status update post which said he was in need of a kidney, she knew she had to get to the bottom of the matter.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. This is dreadful,'” Ceidro said. “In my judgment he was always the pinnacle of health and fitness. I thought somebody needs to step up and be of assistance to him and I thought, ‘Well, if I am saying that then I ought to be that individual.'”

Find out how Rebekah Ceidro shed More Than 40 Pounds

After messaging Ceidro, she found out that he was really suffering from kidney failure and she asked what she could do to help. As fate may have it, they realized that they were both O positive blood type.

“So I said, ‘

Find out how this Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds

Well let me know what you need?’ and, ‘What’s the 1st step in going forward with this?'” Ceidro said. “I said, ‘I’d love to be of help to you if I can. I am fairly sure I have two kidneys that work well and I am happy to part with one of them just for you.'”

In September, Ceidro went for a day of testing and everything appeared to be going well until doctors told her she had to weigh lower than 200 pounds to give a kidney, saying that it may cause complication for her future otherwise.

“I needed to lose eighteen pounds,” Ceidro said. “It’s never uncomplicated to hear somebody say that. I said, ‘I am going to lose the weight then because if that’s all that’s the only bottleneck keeping me from making a life saving difference in my friend’s life, then of course I would do it.'”

And that’s exactly what Ceidro went ahead and did.

She began monitoring her meals on MyFitnessPal and drastically changed her diet. She began running 5 days a week and entering races to get rid of those pounds.

Today, Ceidro weighs a clear 45 pounds. She is set to donate her kidney to Moore in the coming fall.

Can Chris Moore can avoid a kidney transplant


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8 Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys Every Day



The kidneys are perhaps the most vital organs after the heart & brain. They filter the harmful chemicals from your body & keep water retention to the right level.

However a lot of people abuse this organ & end up with some form of kidney ailment. Some have really bad habits that often result in permanently harming their kidneys.


1. Insufficient water consumption
If you do not drink enough quanitity of water, you might be at risk. When kidneys are not hydrated enought they fail in perfoming thier prime function properly, ie: they may not be able to flush out all the toxins effeciently. Drinking 1.5 litres of water a day is what is recommended.

2. Retaining urine our bladder full for a long time
We should not prolong the natural process and must go to a bathroom when we are in a need. When we delay this process, we face a lot of complications: The occurance of the diverticula is is a result of hypertrophy of the detrusor muscle. Hydronephrosis (increased urine pressure inside the kidneys) leads to undue pressure on the kidneys & it results in renal failure.

3. Over consumption of sodium
Almost everything that we eat contains salt (sodium) and this needs to be expelled. The kidneys have a tough time when they try to excrete it, which may result in long term tension on our kidneys. Statistics show that 90% of citizens all over the world consume sodium more than they should.

4. Caffeine addiction
Caffeine is not only associated with coffee. It is also present in almost every aerated drink available in the market. coke being one of them. Caffeine can cause  kidney damage and elevate blood pressure.

5. Use of Painkillers
Pain killers for low-grade pain is more like an addiction for few. They can cause serious adverse effects. Experts warn that taking pain medication for long term reduces blood & it deteriorates the function of the kidneys.

6. High protein diet
In the current day and age where various forms are diets are in vogue a high protien diet is also on the recommended list of many fitness programs. While protien may have it’s advantages for building muscle, it does have serious repercussions on the kidneys. A balance diet is the order of the day if the health of your kidneys is dear to you.

7. Taking flu & colds lightly
Do not brush aside flu & colds as minor ailments. Rest well and work on a total recovery as this is what is recommended for kidney health.

8. Alcohol ABUSE
Alcohol in big amounts can cause lasting damage to your kidneys. Alcohol has a lot of toxins that can crictically damage your kidneys. Moderation is the keyword here.

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8 Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys Every Day

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Don’t take Kidney failure lightly

The number of patients who will require dialysis is likely to more than double by 2040 if chronic kidney disease is not seriously addressed.

The symptoms aren’t obvious in the early stages and it is thus been rightly called the silent disease.

But it isn’t a time to remain quiet about chronic kidney disease (CKD), which strikes 10% of the population.


Don’t take Kidney failure lightly – learn how to avoid dialysis

Most patients in stage 5, known as final stage renal disease or kidney failure, rely on dialysis to continue with life.

The number of dialysis patients is projected to more than double by 2040 if no effective remedies are in place, based on a recent research.


Here is a video inserted by the Malaysian medical fraternity spelling out the horror of this disease and the same holds good for all the other countries.


Don’t take Kidney failure lightly – learn how to avoid dialysis

Don’t take Kidney failure lightly, learn how to avoid dialysis, how to avoid dialysis and cure kidney disease,     how to avoid kidney dialysis naturally


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How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney Stone Symptoms & Causes

It is quite possible that you have a kidney stone & not know until you feel that shocking, & unexpected pain in the lower back or along the obliques below your ribs. When that occurs, the first question that will come to your mind is ‘How do you know for sure if you have a kidney stone or not?’
Listed below are the main kidney stone symptoms, & check if you have any of them.

Kidney stone could be dormant for a long time and may not cause pain until it begins shifting around to your left or right kidney, or perhaps pass into the path connecting your kidney & bladder – ureter.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

• Unbearable pain below the ribs in the side & back
• Pain that resonates all around the lower abdomen & groin
• Pain that comes and goes & fluctuates in intensity
• Pain during the process of urination
• Dicoloration of urine
• Foamy urine emitting bad odour
• Nausea combined with vomiting
• Nagging and permanent need to urinate
• Urinating at short intervals
• Fever & chills that comes alongwith UTI
• Drop in the volume of urination

How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally

Having a kidney stone is quite horrible and the above-explained kidney stone symptoms explain the torture. Sudden & severe pain that comes and goes right below your ribs, and radiates right down your lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain may reduce in intensity, but don’t get fooled by this because you never know when it will trigger into a nasty pain again.

What causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones start to form if and when the normal percentage of water, minerals, & salts in your urine gets imbalanced.
The factors that lead to such imbalance are influenced by the food & drink you consume, certain chronic health conditions, environment, genes, stress, as well as heavy body weight (obesity).

How To Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally – Find out now

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Kidney disease symptoms in adults

The above mentioned vitals have a location right under the rib cage. They carry the responsibilty for cleansing & detox. In layman’s terms they are that part of your body machinery that filters 10-150 quarts blood every 24 hours. This is vital for every body functions & it keeps the blood healthy too. The kidneys flush out excessive fluids or waste material from the living organism. They are responsible for the levels of electrolytes & keep bones strong & healthy, make more red blood cells (RBC) & stabilize the blood pressure (BP).

If the kidneys are in some form of trouble & can no longer function, as usual, then your health is in bigger trouble. Read carefully to identify early & prevent & problems linked to kidney damage or failure:

Kidney disease cause Swellings
When kidneys stop functioning effeciently, they cannot get rid of excess fluids as before & this will make the face bloated & swollen, also the joints & limbs.

Kidney disease Urination changes
The most obvious early signs are listed below:

  1. Problem urinating
  2. Pressure during the urinating process
  3. Dark coloration of urine, coupled with lower frequency of urinating & with small amounts
  4. Dull color of urine, coupled with frequent urination & in large amounts
  5. Foamy or froth like urine
  6. Abnormal urge to urinate during the night
  7. Rashes and other visible skin abnormalities
  8. The waste buildup in your body has a link to kidney failure – the skin gets itchy and a lot of rashes. This is because a lof the waste gets piled up in the blood & makes the skin look dry, inflamed & unhealthy. Topical cosmetics and other applications can ease up a little bit, but won’t solve the problem which comes from the inside.

Kidney disease causes Fatigue
If the kidneys are in the pink of thier health they produce EPO (erythropoietin). EPO is a hormone that produces more red blood cells (RBC) which bring oxygen to where it is needed. If the red blood cells number goes down, fatigue invariably follows & it will have an impact on the brain & muscles too. This is also a sign of chronic anemia.

Kidney disease causes Shortness of breath
This is a common problem and can be associated with many conditions, however if it happens in conjunction with the above symptions then it could  most likely be linked to kidney damage. The harmful pile up of toxins in the lungs is the root cause for this symptom.

Kidney disease casues a metallic taste in the mouth
The toxins & waste accumulated in the blood will change your taste to foods & even cause bad breath throughout the day. Another associated sign of kidney damage is poor appetite.

Kidney disease causes Pain
The ache in the lower back is another localized symptom of a bad kidney condition – that is the approximate area more or less where kidneys are located. Pain can be aggravated infections or kidney stones.

Kidney disease causes Bad concentration & dizziness
Bad oxygen flow to the brain is a obvious sign of serious anemia, but the same can be caused by kidney failure. Your focus & concentration gets totally messed up, making you light headed, dizzy & causes memory issues.

Kidney disease symptoms in adults – Prevention tips

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