common sexually transmitted viral diseases

Now vaccinate against the cancer but what is the sexual connection?

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Now vaccinate against the cancer!

Infections with the human pathogenic papilloma virus (HPV for short) are among the most common sexually transmitted viral diseases. However, contamination can also take place in the newborn via the birth route.

common sexually transmitted viral diseases

The effects of HPV infections are usually harmless. However, there are different virus subgroups, some of which are now known as cancer triggers. They are associated with various types of cancer, with the most common cancer of the cervical cancers caused by HPV.

Since 2016, a third vaccine has been available in Austria. With this so-called nine-fold vaccination the most important cancer-triggering viral types can be combated. Ideally, vaccination should be done before sexual activity begins. It protects only when both partial injections have taken place at intervals of six months.

HPV protection is free of charge in the context of the children’s vaccination program. In addition, there are still reduced vaccinations from the age of 12.

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Learn More About Alternative Cancer Treatment


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