How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Organically

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If you’ve ever cooked a meal with turmeric powder, you most probably had some yellowish hands post cooking, along with some absolutely delicious food.
Did you know that the spice that stains pretty much anything can whiten & brighten yellow teeth?
It is not known why this astonishing fact is true, many people do swear by this age old technique.
Turmeric is also recommended for dental issues, such as dental aches, gingivitis, & hyper sensitive teeth. Turmeric eliminates germs, fights infections & reduces inflamation & pain. Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes because of a chemical contained within it named Curcumin.
The cocktail to whiten teeth is turmeric mixed with baking soda & coconut oil. Baking soda is proven to clean pretty much anything.
The chemical name for baking soda 1s sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda gets rids off stains & plaque from your teeth by eliminating acids that are made by the bacteria in your mouth. Plaque can cause tooth problems, such as decay & gum disease.
Coconut oil is another awesome ingredient, that can drag out bacteria from within your mouth & can treat tooth-aches, bad odour, tooth sensitivity & gum disease. Dentists often call this activity oil pulling, because rinsing your mouth with virgin coconut oil will suck out those germs, but it also helps to whiten your teeth.

Learn more about : How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Organically

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Learn How To Avoid Dentist Bills

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5 easy morning yoga poses that will help you decide if yoga is for you or not! Have you always wanted to give yoga a try, but maybe you were scared or didn’t know how to get into the groove?

You could be loosing out on something that is awesome for your entire livelihood. We heard about how fantastic yoga is for the human body & the mind. Yoga empowers us to control our anger better & helps us grow muscular & flexible. Doing the warrior morning yoga pose, lotus morning yoga pose, plank morning yoga pose & the downward dog morning yoga pose all are examples of things you can do before you start your day without sweating! Yoga has been used for time immemorial by people to get in sync with their bodies. Every pose draws you away from the chaotic world & silences you from within. If you want to start your day in the right direction, then here are 5 easy morning yoga poses to consider:

Downward Dog Morning Yoga Pose

Downward Dog Morning Yoga Pose is a great pose for you to do when you get out of bed to get rid off any tension in your upper back, your lower back & your neck.

Plank Morning Yoga Pose

The Plank Morning Yoga Pose can be done almost anywhere. It will strengthen your core & build up your back muscles.

Warrior Morning Yoga Pose

Before you attempt the Warrior Morning Yoga Pose, make sure you warm up with stretches or try to warm up the body with downward dog. This pose will awaken your heart in the sense that it will increase your heart rate gently.

Cobra Morning Yoga Pose

Another fabulous position to start the day off right is the Cobra Morning Yoga Pose.This pose will helps back and neck strengthening.

Lotus Morning Yoga Pose

The Lotus Morning Yoga Pose is a great way to get into a meditative state in the morning. Doing this will clear the cob webs in your mind & help you get a better prepared for the day ahead.

Yoga is NOT a fad, like the way many seem to be portaying it to be. It is a way of high quality spiritual and physical life. You don’t have to wait till eternity to start yoga. Show your body a little respect and lots of love by implementing simple yoga moves today.

Get Your Own YOGA Video Tutorial Here

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Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes

Learn more : Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes

In the case of physical activity, the insulin requirement drops. People with type 1 diabetes must therefore adjust their therapy during sports. Recent recommendations have recently been published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Here you can read the most important tips.


Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Differences & Similarities


Movement is doing well and is even a part of their therapy for people with diabetes. This is true not only for type 2 diabetics. Also type-1s should and want to be physically active – if it were not the fear of hypoglycemia. The problem is that the insulin requirement drops because the cells can better utilize glucose. So the insulin therapy has to be adapted. In a consensus paper, international diabetologists have now published current recommendations *

Type 1 Diabetes And Insulin Resistance is Provided by Sports

Unfortunately, there are no rule of thumb for the therapy adjustment. How the body reacts to sports activity is very individual and also depends on the sport. Those who are treated with insulin must therefore observe their metabolism well and learn from experience. In doing so, driving a sports diary helps. Here, measured blood glucose values ​​are recorded before, during and after sports, as well as carbohydrates (“Sport BE”). In the course of time, such experiences are gained as the basis for the therapy adaptation.

Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Through Sports

In sport itself, the blood sugar can react very differently. If you are practicing on-going sports such as jogging, walking, cycling or swimming, the blood glucose levels are declining. Here basal insulin should be reduced before training. If you are heavily loaded with energy or sprint training, the blood glucose can even temporarily rise. Here you have to be very careful with the correction over insulin, because it can come to a delayed hypoglycaemia. Since the body is still busy hours after the sport, filling the cells with glucose (“muscle filling effect”), it is very important to keep the blood glucose also after the sport in view.

Insulin Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes can Assist in Sports

Insulin pumps and CGM systems make it easier for type 1 diabetics to adapt therapy to sports. In an insulin pump, the basal insulin supply can be simply reduced for a certain time. This also helps to avoid unnecessary carbohydrates (“sports BE”). Whoever carries a system for the continuous glucose measurement (CGM), always has the glucose value in the sport in view. However, during the training, there may be a greater time lag between the actual blood glucose value and the tissue sugar.

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Learn more : Sports is a Natural Insulin Substitute for Type 1 Diabetes
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Now vaccinate against the cancer!

Infections with the human pathogenic papilloma virus (HPV for short) are among the most common sexually transmitted viral diseases. However, contamination can also take place in the newborn via the birth route.

The effects of HPV infections are usually harmless. However, there are different virus subgroups, some of which are now known as cancer triggers. They are associated with various types of cancer, with the most common cancer of the cervical cancers caused by HPV.

Since 2016, a third vaccine has been available in Austria. With this so-called nine-fold vaccination the most important cancer-triggering viral types can be combated. Ideally, vaccination should be done before sexual activity begins. It protects only when both partial injections have taken place at intervals of six months.

HPV protection is free of charge in the context of the children’s vaccination program. In addition, there are still reduced vaccinations from the age of 12.

Learn More About Alternative Cancer Treatment


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The 25 Foods You Must Eat and Avoid : Diabetes

People with diabetes, regardless of type, should always take special care with food. These are allowable and ‘forbidden’ foods.

Talking about diabetes does not always mean talking about lifestyle. Although it is the most common type 2 diabetes in the world – and one that is directly related to poor diet and physical inactivity – there are other types of diabetes that have nothing to do with the daily choices that people make.
It is the case of type 1 diabetes (or insulin-dependent diabetes), which is the rarest and has a higher incidence among children and young people. The cure is not yet a reality for this autoimmune disease.
But talking about diabetes also means talking about gestational diabetes , which occurs during pregnancy and can even affect women who had no clue of the disease before they became pregnant. This type of diabetes tends to disappear but, when not treated properly, can boost the onset of type 2 diabetes.

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Paying attention to the signs of pre-diabetes is the best way to prevent a progression of the disease. The prevention of pre-diabetes (or the final diagnosis of diabetes) involves weight control, which should be maintained at a healthy level and without large accumulations of fat, especially at the abdominal level.
Therefore, as the website Eat This, Not That! Highlights, food plays a key role not only in prevention and treatment of disease, avoiding drastic changes in insulin levels and possible diseases associated with diabetes, such as blindness and obesity .
Avoiding foods rich in sugar, salt and fat or that have been extensively processed is one of the first steps to take. Then choose the foods that best help control appetite and blood sugar levels, while providing a wide range of nutrients that make the immune system more strengthened.

Click on the image above and know the foods allowed and those that should be avoided by people with diabetes. However, it is important to point out that the impact of food varies from organism to organism and that therefore it is always important to seek advice and help from a doctor and nutritionist, because only then will you know which are the most suitable options for each case. When in doubt, speak to your doctor.
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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements by Merck & Pfizer

Merck & Pfizer leading pharmaceutical manufacturers recently showcased thier Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements. The pharma heavyweights announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is reviewing 3 New Drug Applications (NDAs) for medicines consisting of ertugliflozin.

Simultaneously, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has also taken up for review three Marketing Authorization Applications (MAAs) for ertugliflozin monotherapy 7 the 2 fixed-dose formulations.

These marketing formulations submitted to the FDA & EMA are supported by research in the Vertis clinical development area of ertugliflozin, including Vertis Mono, Vertis Factorial & Vertis Sita2, which were the very 1st presented at medical congresses in last year.

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The complete Vertis clinical development program is made up of nine Phase three trials in roughly twelve thousand six hundred adults with type 2 diabetes.

Must Get This : DIABETES Management Through Yoga and Exercise

Sam Engel, M.D., associate VP, Merck clinical research, diabetes & endocrinology, recently commented:

The acceptance of the 3 applications by both the FDA & EMA represents a significant milestone in the advancement of our joint efforts with Pfizer on ertugliflozin, & reflects Merck’s strong commitment to advancing new treatment soultions for people with this type of progressive diabetes around the world. When approved, we believe ertugliflozin will be a vital option for many patients & a welcome inclusion to our exsiting strong type two diabetes portfolio, with our DPP-4 inhibitor JANUVIA as the core.

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James Rusnak, M.D., Ph.D., chief development officer, cardiovascular & metabolic diseases, Pfizer Global Product Development, also added:

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Advancements, Merck & Pfizer, Insulin Resistance And Diabetes Control Through Natural Methods, How To Control Type 2 Diabetes Through Natural Methods, Because type two diabetes is a disease that is progressive, patients may need many treatment options to help them manage their condition. That is why we hold our heads high with the comprehensive VERTIS clinical development program, & we look positively at this joint effort with the FDA & EMA in a initiative to bring these 3 additional treatment choices to adults with type 2 diabetes.

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Find Out How Diabetes Can Be Reversed Naturally

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What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally?

What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally


Prediabetes can be literally cured naturally by just making one change from the diet.
Prediabetes is defined as a person with high blood sugar, but not high enough to be diabetic. Typically prediabetics have a fasting blood sugar 100-125 mg/dl, or a hemoglobin A1C of 5.7-6.4%. A prediabetes diagnosis is a warning signal to type 2 diabetes, but there are also some other relevant health issues that play a role. Symptoms of prediabetes could include the following:

• Hypoglycemia
• Tired and moody
• Unusually hungry
• Frequent urination
• Digestive issues
• Blurry vision
• Dry mouth and eyes.

What Should You Do To Reverse Prediabetes Naturally?

What’s really being experienced is a slow down in the assembly line of organs that usually function together toward keeping your digestive system working optimally. In layman’s words, once one organ isn’t able to fulfill its assigned task. the other organs bear the brunt. In the event of prediabetes the liver is most probably the malfunctioning organ.
Journal Diabetes Care JDC have quoted that prediabetes is caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease FLD, which is believed to be the most common chronic liver disease in developed countries. The liver, functions as the filter of the human body, ultimately bearing the burden of your toxic surroundings through your diet.
The condition referred to as Fatty Liver Disease FLD Is Diet Related.
Fatty liver is pre-dominently caused by a diet high in animal protein & processed foods. Hence, the 1st thing you must consider doing when faced with a prediabetes diagnosis is to reevaluate your diet. Conquer your Diet and learn how prediabetes can be reversed naturally. Having said that, reevaluating your diet is the most empowering decision you can take to regain your good health.

Say No to Processed Foods

A Fatty Liver causes Your body to become Deficient.

A fatty liver isn’t something that can happen in a short period of time. It takes years and years to get to that condition. A Fatty Live is unable to retain B12 and other essential vitamins & minerals & thus, you’ll begin to witness deficiencies. A fatty liver will cease to neutralize plastics, pesticides & other toxins we encounter every day, which leave us with more toxicity within us. A fatty liver will not be able to release glucose as a backup for the pancreas, which is why you’ll see some hypoglycemic repercussions.
Most vitally, a fatty liver will not be able to properly filter the blood, contributing to blood readings showing elevated cholesterol, elevated high blood pressure, & ultimately culminating into heart disease.


Find Out How Diabetes Can Be Reversed Naturally


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Research reveals many doctors are clueless of how to handle HIV / AIDS patients

A research conducted at fifteen Comprehensive HIV Care Services Centers revealed that many medical practitioners still do not know how to handle patients with this deadly virus.

Find Out How Reiki can cure HIV

Discrimination against those affected and living with HIV is alarmingly high, said the head of CONAVIHSIDA, who on the occasion of the commemoration on March 1 of the International Day of O Discrimination, called on the medical fraternity to give humane treatment to those affected.

Find Out How Reiki Can Cure HIV AIDS & Other Deadly Diseases

Walis Ramírez works as a head of monitoring the population living with AIDS, serves in the Partnership for the battle against HIV & AIDS & CONAVHISIDA, illustrated that seeing patients with complaints of discrimination in public health centers is their everyday challenge.

This report is confirmed by the president of the Organization of transsexuals, transvestites & transgender, who explains that this adversely effects the health of those unfortunate patients.

CONAVIHSIDA director Víctor Terrero presented a research to SIN News, conducted at fifteen Comprehensive AIDS Care Services Centers that revealed that many ‘so called qualified doctors’ still do not know how to handle patients with HIV.

People who choose to show support in the social networks can do so until March 7th when the campaign ends.

Find Out How Reiki can cure HIV

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