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How To Manage And Reverse Diabetes Naturally – Nutritional Remedies. There are millions of people suffer from Diabetes. Diabetes isn’t the major danger with disease itself, but complications that can lead to cause of Diabetes – related death. ____________________________________________________________________ In this webinar, Veronica Yoo will cover; 1. What Is Diabetes & Types of Diabetes 2. How Does The Hormone Insulin Work In The Body. 3. What Is Insulin Resistance And Signs & Symptoms Of Insulin Resistance. 4. Solutions: Reversing Diabetes – Nutritional Remedies

Veronica Yoo is a Nutritionist, Published author, Instructor, and WBFF professional figure athlete whose energy and passion for her work is infectious. She is a firm believer in whole food based cleansing the body when starting with new clients and is a specialist in hormones and how do they effect the problems which may be affecting the client, there are many different reasons why clients are overweight and unhealthy and she treats each client with a different plan to make sure they get better get healthy and of course take off the unwanted weight they have gained over the years.  Most of her clients are middle aged men/women who have weight issues as well as other health problems that need to be addressed so they can live a healthy and optimal life. She is very well versed in the benefits of herbs vitamins and minerals which can be used to help treat many problems that modern medicine is used to treat, but without any of the side effects. She lives what she teaches to clients and students. She is committed to helping others transform their lives by regenerating organ function and resetting hormone balance through her health and wellness programs for optimal living.



Can Frozen Lemons Cure Diabetes – yes they can!


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Can Frozen Lemons Cure Diabetes – yes they can!

Improve Eyesight In 3 Months With This.

Michael Mosley

We all face the issue of deteriorating eyesight as we get older, but here is something that we can eat to improve our eyesight.

My experience

My eyesight has never been good. I have worn glasses for most of my life and I only expect it to get worse.

When the “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor” team recommended that I try taking some supplements to improve the eyesight, I was skeptical because I am not a person who believes in supplements.

Nonetheless, I headed to meet Prof John Barbur of City University in London. There, I had my eyes check-up thoroughly. Noticing, he was very interested in my retina which is the light sensitive part of the eye.

Testing the eyes

He made me stare at a computer screen in the dark for hours and doing all the tests with precision and measuring all details.

It included my perception of various colors, small and faint objects. Also night vision was checked.

Further, he also measured the level of protection my retina (the macula) had against damage from high energy blue & UV light.

This protection acts like u sunscreen that we have covering the light-detecting cells & is made up of yellowish “macular pigments”.

The results of the tests

This was fascinating as well as depressing.

I had diabetes earlier in my life, owing to that I had poorly detected the colors yellow & blue.

My night vision & perception of details were also low comparing it to younger people though consistent with my age.

What was the remedy for my eyesight?

The Trust Me team then allotted me a 90 day supply of supplement pills that they perceived would help me.

It contained concentrations of certain compounds found in colored plants.

It was extracted from marigolds and had 2 key chemicals namely lutein & zeaxanthin which is largely found in foods we eat.

What I did next

I met a team in US that customized a smoothie for me that had similar levels of lutein & zeaxanthin.

The combination was of various fruits & vegetables like kale and kiwi along with fats such as milk & wheat germ oil that help the absorption of the key compounds.

After use of supplement nutrients

12 weeks later, I went back to City University to check if the decision I made had any difference to my eyes.

The professor said there was noteworthy improvement in all aspects. I was able to detect the color correct and my night vision too had improved. The protective macular pigment also got boosted.

My other doctor in Ireland has also been doing research on this for a long time.

He also said that by adding the same 3 nutrients that I added to my diet solves the eyesight problem.

Therefore, the supplement helps to slow down the aging process.

In the UK, this is a major cause of vision loss.

The key nutrients

  1. Lutein

It is a yellow compound made only by plants. Animals receive it by eating plants. For humans, yellow yolks of the egg or spinach and kale are great.

  1. Zeaxanthin

It is another yellow compound similar to lutein & produced by plants to absorb light. Corn, bell peppers and saffron gets the yellow color from this chemical.

  1. Meso-zeaxanthin

It is a form of zeaxanthin made in our body from lutein. More research to be done to know its effectiveness.

Also found in the skin of fishes.


We can now tell our parents that there are other options other than carrots to do the same function.

Note for kids

Therefore, if you want to improve your eyesight, you have no other option than munch on the leafy vegetables.


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Improve Eyesight In 3 Months With This.

Follow These Tips For Better Eyesight


Eyes workload

We start our day with smartphones, checking messages to watching the news on TV.

We stare at small sized fonts in the newspapers and we do not even give our eyes any rest after long hours of work. How unfair is it? Have you ever thought about it?

Well, we are here for you and have got you simple yet effective ways to restore your eyesight.

Long work schedules

Our daily routine, we spent a lot of time on the computer nowadays. Some people reading a good book. Sadly, we never take out some time to have an eye checkup once in a way.

Don’t worry, here are few exercises you can do at your workplace itself.

Ophthalmologist Arun Sethi says

  • We must exercise our neck by nodding your head up & down to increase blood circulation to our neck & eyes.
  • Don’t stare at the sun. Too much UV exposure makes us more prone to cataract & macular degeneration.
  • You should choose sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of both UVA & UVB rays.”
    Further, we have many more tips and tricks to improve your eyesight

Feed Your Eyes
Do eat food with Vitamin A, C, Lutien & carotene.

These help repair the eyes. Few examples are sweet potatoes, butter, papaya, blueberries, apricot & grapes.
Don’t say NO to greens. Eat kale, crunch on spinach, collard greens, zucchini & Brussels sprouts.

Take Good Rest

DO take enough rest, since sleep allows the overworked eye muscles to relax completely.
Don’t stay glued to 1 activity for long periods. Take regular breaks for 2-3 minutes to relax the eyes.

Stay Hydrated

DO drink a lot of water, especially if you feel blurry or tired.

Don’t just rinse your face, fill your mouth with water and spit it out. This will make you feel more refreshed.

Exercise your eyes

DO relaxation exercises. Place your hands together palm to palm & rub them together briskly to create heat. Place them over your eyes & imagine a relaxing place.

Don’t let light come in whenever you are exercising your eyes. The exercises are more useful for people sitting in front of computer for long hours.

Orange is good

DO eat carrots & other foods rich in beta-carotene that provides food with the orange hue. It promotes eye health & corrects vision.
Don’t forget Omega 3 that is found in nuts & cold-fish. The fatty acids help keep your retinas healthy & stop age-related eyesight deterioration.


Learn to say No 

Avoid sugary foods as they are bad news for our eyes. The more we eat, the worse our eyesight will become.

Don’t smoke as it has been linked to a higher risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataract & optic nerve damage.

Trick Your Eyes

DO focus on an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

This exercise will make your eyes feel better.
Don’t stare at gadgets for long periods. Do lower the brightness level of your computer screen & phone as it reduces strain.

Berry-Special Tip

Eat bilberry fruit as it is full of antioxidants & will aid in protecting & increases blood circulation in your eyes.
Don’t depend on your glasses. Remove them often to promote natural unassisted vision.

Expert corner

Dr. Reena Sethi gives a special exercises.

  1. Roll your eyes.
  2. Start by looking up & then slowly circle 10 times clockwise & 10 times counter-clockwise.
  • After a long day, placing cooling cucumber slices on your eyelids helps reduce pressure on the eyes.
  1. Eating healthy is good. Eat eggs & citrus fruits, but avoid junk food.


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Follow These Tips For Better Eyesight

Diabetic Rugby Player Hopes To Inspire Health Management

Healthy eating campaign

There is a healthy eating campaign in the UK & a Type 2 diabetic rugby player will also be featured.

Diabetic rugby player

Aged 28, Dan Millington is 1 of 7 people to feature in the Diabetes UK led ‘food you love’ campaign & will be a showcasing how he has not let diabetes come in between him and his food.

In the year 2010, Dan was diagnosed diabetes after he noticed he was losing weight & had been feeling really tired & thirsty.

Watch Diabetic rugby player hopes to inspire health management

High hopes to inspire

The charity has high hopes to inspire a lot of people from over the world with this disease to make best changes to manage their diabetes.

On showcase at event

He will be showcasing green masala fish curry.

Dan is also a Tesco driver. He says that diabetes is something that can haunt you at first. But there are amazing people in the world to help with advice and willing to support you.

Diabetes is not about do’s & don’ts, it is mainly about moderation & finding the balance.”

Dan’s life now

After he was diagnosed, he has till now lost 5 ½ stones by changing his lifestyle and still plays rugby for his local team and enjoys it.

He no longer needs any medications to manage this condition & keeps control on himself along with diet & exercise.

The head at Diabetes UK Stephen Ryan said: to enjoy what we eat gives us pleasure, but when it comes to eating healthy, we need some inspiration.

On a daily basis, we get questions from diabetic people on what our experts say to eat and not to eat.

We say, these recipes for the food we love that is healthier as a practical answer.

We also hope that Dan’s story inspires diabetic people to start wearing the chef caps and start cooking something healthy. These recipes make a delicious meal.

For a fact

In the UK, 4.5 million people have diabetes, 1 million have the type 2 diabetes but are unaware of the problem as they have not been diagnosed.


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Diabetic Rugby Player Hopes To Inspire Health Management

Improve Your Eyesight By Eating These


Well, we all have that problem where we run into a lamppost and fell like idiots. How did we miss seeing it? Here are a few things that we can eat to improve our eyesight in the long run and promote healthy lifestyle.


Top foods for the Vegetarians

1. Carrots

Yes, we have heard that carrots are good for our eyesight and it contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Since childhood, we are told that carrots are the staple food for the eye.

2. Kale and Spinach

This is the most impressive duo you can ever get. They contain antioxidants and vitamins. There is nothing impossible with this. Even you can make a smoothie with this.

Top foods for the non vegetarians

1.     Eggs

Well, all of us love omelets. The eggs have lutein and vitamin A that is really good for functioning of the eye. This seems to be a win-win situation as we can eat our favorite breakfast and stay healthy. Great option

2.     Fish

Filled with Omega 3 and also helps your eyes stay strong. So pick up a salmon today, cook it and eat. Enjoy a great strong eye, do share with others too.

3.     Citrus Fruit

These are the best fruits to have. Citrus fruits are oranges, kiwi, grape, tangerines, & lemon. These all contain vitamin C that helps reduce the risk of getting cataracts. This is even a good relaxation bite and who does not like fruits.

4.     Turkey


You might not be aware when you eat it but turkey has a bunch of zinc. It is really very healthy for our eyes.

We know so many amazing and healthy but also tempting foods that benefit us in the long run. Why not try each of them from today and stay active for life.

Do spread the word to your family and friends and keep your eyes strong and healthy too.


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Improve Your Eyesight By Eating These


Diabetes and Brittle Bones Connection

 We know that there are many serious side effects that come with diabetes. They are heart trouble, nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness & amputations. We now hear of a new connection of diabetes with high risk of bone fractures.

We got the transcript of an interview between the Bioscience-Medicine reporter Wendy Rigby and Dr. Ajeya Joshi of South Texas Spinal Clinic on this topic.

The transcript

Rigby: So, let’s get started. Sir, how is it that having diabetes puts you at greater risk of brittle bones. What is happening here to increase the risk of osteoporosis in type 1one & type 2 diabetics?

Joshi: To start with, diabetes can actually affect every organ in our body. We have now found out that it affects our bones.

 How diabetes affects bones

If we think that it is the sugar that is floating in our bloodstream, we know that the blood is flowing to the bones too.

The sugar goes into the bone matrix, corrodes it. It does not matter now much bone you have, it is how strong the bone is.

Rigby: That means that means that if a person has diabetes, they have more chances of a fracture than a normal person without diabetes.

Joshi: Yes, that is true. We have to interpret the bone scan for diabetic people differently. They have more chances of fracture. We did not understand these 5 to 10 years ago.

Rigby:  So, what part of our body is most affected?

Joshi:  For example, wrists fracture in a 50 year old female tennis player or a vertebral fracture which is very common.

Another important factor is the fact of how tall our patients are. We see people losing height over time.

The most important as we grow old is the shoulders and hips.

What exactly is the problem

Rigby: Here, how can we help a person if we know they are diabetic and developing this?

Joshi: We need to rethink how to help them with the low bone density. For diabetics, most important is to avoid the vascular problems like a stroke or kidney failure; most important is the control of sugar.

Rigby: You recently published this paper and data used from University Health System. Where was it published? & who exactly are you trying to reach out?

Joshi: Firstly, I was excited as I was part of such a research. Secondly, was published in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Rigby: What exactly did you find about Hispanic diabetics?

Joshi: Being both diabetic & Hispanic increased the risk of fracture above the population that was diabetic but not Hispanic by 1 ½ – 2 times. Therefore, we have to give more attention to such patients. We must communicate, educate and do more research on the background behind it.

Precautions for the disease

Rigby:  Right now, people hearing or watching this news might wonder how to make their bones stronger if they have this disease. What do they do?

Joshi: what I think is that you need to be aware of the things around you. Have a good lifestyle, eat right, and control your sugar. Manage your weight by walking daily, this is a good habit.

Research on diabetes and bone connection

Rigby: Sir, do you see more research done on this area in future.

Joshi: I certainly hope so.

Rigby: Alright, thank you so much for speaking with us Dr. Joshi; it was great to be here.

Joshi: It is my pleasure to be here. Thank you.


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Diabetes And Brittle Bones Connection


Protect Your Kidney From Failing


(CKD) Chronic kidney disease

It is also known as chronic kidney failure is a progressive loss of the kidney functions over time without us knowing.

Dr. Umesh Dalal is a nephrologist in Stroudsburg. He shared a few important things with us.

Function of kidney


As we all know that the kidney plays a huge role in our daily life. Its function is to filter toxins and wastes from our blood and also makes urine. Drinking water regularly helps a lot to cleanse the body.


Study on CKD

As per study, the National Kidney Foundation found that more than 26 million Americans have CKD & they are not even aware of it.

It is a gradual disease. We do not feel it until it is too late and that is the last stages. Hence, it is vital to stay healthy, eat healthy and visit the doctor after few months to make sure your kidneys are functioning fine.

People with disease like diabetes and high blood sugar or people taking medications are on a higher risk of this Kidney disease.

Ways to prevent kidney failure

Dalal says that it is a life threatening disease. The best is to catch it early, so that it can be cured. If too late then no cures are there to stop it from failing.

You must control what you eat, choose right diets, exercise, meditate and stay active.

Keep track of your condition

The tablets we use daily when we have a headache or something is also harmful if used daily. Examples Ibuprofen or Asprin can cause this disease if taken in large quantities.  If we take this continuously, it will surely damage us and we will not live long.

You must monitor yourself and can even talk to your doctor if anything. If under medications, ask doctor if any other options or if it can be stopped.

There are certain tests also that are not good. A magnetic resonance imaging exam with contrast or other contrast-enhanced scan, Dalal says.

Diagnosis of our kidney

To diagnose, testing is done with the body fluids, imaging and biopsy. In the end, the results compared to previous ones to see if the Kidney is stable or not.

Many times, a sample of our kidney tissues removed to be examined under microscopes. Ultrasound may be used to assess your kidneys’ size & structure.

Making changes in our lifestyle like stop smoking and drinking may be difficult to stop but it will help us to live longer if we stop it sooner. If our kidneys fail, we may have to go on dialysis or have a transplant.


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Protect Your Kidney From Failing


Risk of Eye Disease in Young Generation with Diabetes.

New study

Young adults with the Type 2 diabetes on high risk to develop an eye disease, researchers say.

Diabetic retinopathy

This is the most common form of eye disease.

This can be seen when changes in blood glucose levels cause changes in retinal blood vessels.

We find out about this very late & it usually affects up to 80% of people who have had diabetes for 20 years and more.


Anyway, the study showed that the earlier we get Type 2 diabetes, the faster & greater will be the vision problem be. The increased chance of diabetic retinopathy is very much associated with early-onset diabetes and is not to be avoided.

Researcher’s corner

We think that his young generation has greater chances of diabetes.

Additionally with further the complications to the eye is possible. -lead author Muthuswamy Balasubramanyam at the MDRF.

The reason being, they are not taking care of their bodies.

They do not think much about what they are eating.

Subsequently, the lifestyle is remarkably different to what it was earlier.

In the journal of Diabetes and its complications, researchers also mentioned about elevated levels of certain biomarkers such as monocyte chemotactic protein 1 (MCP-1) & cathepsin-D in the diabetic patients, subsequently raising the risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

The people with Type 2 diabetes have higher levels of MCP-1 & cathepsin-D which means they accelerate faster towards aging and this in return will form the complications to the eye sooner.

The new young generation needs to learn how to manage their food intakes and not eat junk foods.

Speaking about this, yoga is useful however exercise is comaratively a second best options to remain healthy.


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Risk of Eye Disease in Young Generation with Diabetes.



Get Better Eyesight With This Supplement


Imagine a better life without the need of glasses and eye drops, wouldn’t it be great. You could spend the money on better things that you love.

We all know how frustrated we get when we cannot find the glasses or forget where we kept the eye drops. So, let us find the best option for you.

Do you face any of these situations

  • Has your vision become blurry recently?
  • Are you unable to see as well as you could earlier?
  • Do you feel anything ‘wrong’ with your eyes?
  • Are you worried about your vision deteriorating with time?
  • Do you find it difficult to drive the car if you don’t wear glasses?
  • Are you getting headaches or eyestrain from computer use?
  • Has your child been told that they will need to wear glasses?
  • Are you dependent upon your eyeglasses or using eye drops to see?
  • Are reading glasses becoming an essential tool for you?
  • Do you want better vision without glasses?


This is the experience I got as I found a solution while on a trip to United States and I decided to give it a try.

In the year 2013, I travelled along with a friend to the US. There, I was staying at a hotel. One day as I was going out somewhere for lunch, I had a car accident. I was alone and during the accident my glasses went flying somewhere. Luckily, I did not break any of my bones.

Then, a kind USA man helped me and took me to an optician.

Sadly, the optometrist did not speak much English, but did write down a prescription for my new glasses. He told me to go to another optician’s to pick up my spectacles as his was a small clinic.

I was unable to figure out how I would make it to the other opticians with my poor eyesight, but the optician called an English speaking assistant and she gave me a natural product.

This is when the magic began, within 90 days my eyesight improved so much that I could throw away my glasses.

The dosage was daily 2 times before the meals.

When I returned back to my origin country, I had to make sure I continued to take this natural supplement. I had never ever thought that it would change my life so much.

My optometrist who wears glasses himself could not believe that the supplement was helping me improve my eyesight naturally.

My decision to help others suffering

This is when I thought of helping out others and I contacted the company and requested a bulk order to get a better rate.

After a few days I received 500 bottles of the supplement.

To what I have noticed, this works for

  • Cataracts
  • Myopia
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)
  • Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
  • Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
  • Eye strain
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Poor Night Vision
  • “Old-age Sight” (presbyopia)
  • Eyestrain
  • Tension Headache

This is what really helped me and many others. From the 500 bottles I ordered, only 250 were remaining after hardly 1 month.

This is the name- FOREVER VISION.

Forever Vision is a good supplement for eye.

This is the original and please do not go for any cheaper one as that is not the same as this one.

This is what it contains.

  • Bilberry which is a traditional herb that improves circulation to the eyes.
  • Lutein is the common carotenoid found in most vegetables & also fruits. This helps protect our retina.
  • Zeaxanthin & Astaxanthin are other carotenoids that are vital to the eye’s macular health.

Instructions for use: take two tablets daily as a dietary supplement.

Benefits of Forever Vision.

  • Maintains optical clarity
  • Prevents ocular toxicity
  • Improve & increases visualacuity
  • Improve blood circulation of the eye
  • Nourishes the eye with all useful nutrients
  • Improve blurred vision, glaucoma, cataract & night blindness

This has been proved to be a life changing supplement and people have never been so free from their glasses.


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Get Better Eyesight With This Supplement

Local Rehab Partners with Southern Ontario-based Company

A North Bay business has expanded after it joined forces with a Southern Ontario-based company.

Reconnect which provides speech, language & swallowing assessment to adults with difficulties from brain injury, stroke and neurological diseases has now converted to Community Rehab North, the 1st Northern Ontario location for the Community Rehab, which has its head office in Hamilton & has branches in London, Brampton, Cambridge & Catharines.

The Community Rehab North on Wednesday officially opened its doors at 204 First Avenue.W

Monique Lugli is the director who is also a speech pathologist & Reconnect’s founder.

Community Rehab North services

The Community Rehab North offers various services.

This includes speech-language pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietician services in the home or work environment and also does social work.

Continuum is a division of Community Rehab that works with private sector companies & is located in the Community Rehab North office.

How the rehab partnered

“We have been here as a company since 20 years and our head office is in Hamilton.

It is when Monique thought of growing her business that we looked at a partnership with her in North Bay  -said Lynn Corbey (executive vice president at Community Rehab)

He also said that the Community Rehab North will work close with the public sector agencies such as the Community Care Access Centre & local hospitals as it will handle the needs of private sector employers & insurance companies.

We have the services needed but sometimes it is hardest to find the professionals for rehab. We also have a large number of therapist who work with us.

Community Rehab North plans to grow

Community Rehab North also has its plans in place in case of any overloads to hospitals. We can also provide therapists to the CCAC.

I personally have lived in North Bay for 4 years.

“Our goal is to make sure we grow without any backdrops.

Also want to offer the best to the residents in our area with our professional and reliable services.
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Local Rehab Partners with Southern Ontario-based Company

Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease

Can you imagine telling a child they cannot have chocolate or play certain sports because it could harm their health?  That is the life a West Michigan girl has after she was born with a rare type of kidney disease. Further, she is not the only one in the family with this disease.

Aged just 6 Lorelai Mier is a kindergartner who was born with Polystic Kidney disease which stops her from playing many sports and also her food intakes.

She is not allowed to eat chocolates, bananas and oranges.

Family diagnosed with same disease

Weirdly, even her brother Shane, her mother Danielle & also her siblings & father have kidney disease too but not as severe.

The mother Danielle says that it is a challenge for all of us in the family.

We don’t know how it will affect us, so we share information on this as we hear it.

Working of the kidney and treatment 

Lorelai’s kidney function is right now at 30% & as a result she takes 6 different medications twice a day & along with that she has to check her blood pressure 3 times a day.

She also gets frequent blood draws and her mom says that it is making her a strong fighter. To be pointed out, the family knows the importance of staying active as that allows the kidney to keep working.

Raise awareness on Kidney disease

At the Grand Rapids Kidney Walk, the Mier’s family walks to raise money for research as well as to educate others about this.

Danielle views

The mother also said that it is good that Lorelai is around other people that have the same problems and fighting it out like a daily battle. It is encouraging and helps other parents also with kids having such a disease.


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Entire Family Fighting Rare Form of Kidney Disease

3 Men Arrested in Florida Claim Eating Human Flesh Cures Diabetes and Depression

Fake news Florida

The reports of the arrest of 3 cannibalistic Floridians who seem to have feasted on human remains for some medical reasons are fake news.

Type 1 & 2 diabetes and depression

Furthermore, they believe that eating human flesh cures diabetes and depression by 3 Florida men who were arrested.

The Miami Herald web site had published an article on the 30th of May positing that 3 Florida men arrested for eating human flesh and it cured diabetes and depression also.

Enjoyable article

The cops in Vernal Heights, Florida have arrested 3 men practicing cannibals who have this claim. They mentioned that it cures both types of diabetes though Type 1 is incurable.

Gregory Moore, the chief of police was on a daily routine and assumed it was just a noise complaint.

The cops arrived at the Toolson Lane (the home of William Provost) around 7:45 PM on a Sunday evening.

They received a complaint from the neighbors of weird sounds from the house.

The officers said that they reached the house and saw the scene. It was taking place in the basement where the 3 men were sitting forming a circle and chanting religious chants while consuming the human remains. The cops check what they are eating.

Miami Gazette web site

There is no truth to this story, whose lone source was the Miami Gazette web site.

Surely, this is not the online operation of a legitimate newspaper but rather a news site that updates fake news. The disclaimer states that the site uses “satirical” material in nature & fake news.

Miami Gazette web site intent

To start with, the Miami Gazette is an entertainment & satire web publication.

Furthermore the Miami Gazette also publishes large NON-POLITICAL, satirical in nature.

Fake news articles created and intended only for entertainment purpose.

They stay away from Political nature as it can create debates or conflicts. We only provide an outlet for our writers & contributors to develop creative, outrageous & 100% fictional, tall-tales that our audience can enjoy reading & sharing with friends.

Any content published on The Miami Gazette is intended to be entertainment & is often intended to generate thoughts & discussion among its readers.

Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental and not to take it seriously.


Topics included

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3 Men Arrested in Florida Claim Eating Human Flesh Cures Diabetes and Depression


Diabetes Transforming You Into Real-life Cyborgs


Types of Diabetes

We know there are 2 types of diabetes namely Type 1 and Type 2.

  • Type 1 is an incurable autoimmune disorder whereas
  • Type 2 is a lifestyle disease that can be cured and reversed.

Diabetes is among the fastest growing diseases in the world. If we leave it untreated, it can cause life-threatening conditions & also death.  We now see medical establishment creating new methods of management.

The trend nowadays is the usage of Technology. Today, a diabetic is mostly wired up with Bluetooth sensors & custom software that turns them into real-life cyborgs.

In The Blood

This is what happens. Actually when we eat food, it is split into 3 basic categories:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Protiens

Carbohydrates are usually found in plant products that break down into a sugar called glucose in our digestive system. This glucose is turned into fuel to power our mind & muscles.

The body is able to do that conversion with the help of a hormone called Insulin, which gets produced by beta cells in our pancreas.

In Type 1 diabetics, the body does not produce it. Their immune system destroys those beta cells for an unknown reason.

In Type 2 diabetics, the body produces it but in less effective to do the conversion.

If the body cannot break down glucose, it has to get energy from other places mostly fat, but nothing is safe. This leads to a state of ketosis, where the acids released from fats build up. These acids can cause a wide variety of nerve & tissue damage.

Diabetic Life

They must continuously monitor their carbohydrate intake & then inject an appropriate amount of insulin to control.

If the intake is too little, they go into ketosis. Vice-versa can drop their blood sugar dangerously low, which can also lead to comas & death. It is a daily life and death situation.

Please Pee Here

In the past few decades, we see new advancement in Diabetic treatment.

This was how it was done 50 years back

The diabetic would wake up in the morning & pee into a test tube. Then they would have to add a tablet into that test tube that would change the color to show if the blood sugar was high, normal or low.

Then, take an Insulin injection and inject into their body that would last the entire day. Later, they would boil it in hot water and sterilize it for the next day.

We all know that the life expectancy for a diabetic is very short. It is only now, that there has been better ways to manage diabetes or else people would die even sooner.

Just One Drop

In previous times around 1980’s, a Finger prick blood glucose monitor had come out.

A drop of blood had to be introduced to an enzyme & an electrical current was to be passed through it. The number of electrons the sample would lose correlates to the amount of glucose present in the sample.

This was significantly more precise and would deliver a numerical representation of the patient’s current blood sugar.

That was dropped after the development of faster-acting insulin where diabetics could treat highs as they occur.

Secondly, it was to monitor their glucose throughout the day and made the required adjustments as and when needed.

Next was an accidental scientific discovery in the mid-1990s that helped change the life of diabetics around the world.

Get wired up Diabetics

The researchers were experimenting with the body’s cell fluid in the skin & discovered that it actually mirrors the blood glucose level with a 15 minute delay.

In the year 1999, MiniMed got FDA approval for the 1st continuous glucose monitor which is an electrode that is inserted into a diabetic’s skin which transmits a reading every 5 minutes without the need to draw blood.

T, Diabetics could get readings throughout the day. as of now, the sensors are good for about 3 days and have to be replaced as the body rejects it after that period. As of now, there are modern ones available that last almost a week.

In the year 1973, Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway) debuted the world’s 1st wearable insulin pump, which was a device that could dose any amount of insulin to a diabetic through a small tube which is attached to the body. This gave diabetics even better control over their treatment, enabling them to dose themselves right amounts.

Future Tech for diabetes

This is now, a new treatment is the “The artificial pancreas,” a device that combines the 2 into 1. It has passed clinical trials & is slowly coming into light around the world. Though it uses complex algorithms, they monitor blood glucose & treat it at the same time in a “closed-loop” system that also administers glucose when blood sugars are too low.

The results are very positive. Just like existing pumps & CGMs, they still have to be changed out regularly, but this system marks a significant advance in treatment.

Upcoming Treatment of Diabetes

This seems to be very exciting. as of now, companies are working on insulin that does not have to be injected, but rather gets absorbed through the skin with a sound-activated patch.

Meanwhile, a company is working on something that can be inhaled before a meal.

Similarly, Google is in talks with contact lens manufacturer “Alcon” to develop a lens that measures blood sugar through our eyes.

Therefore, we are truly in safe hands.

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Diabetes Transforming You Into Real-life Cyborgs


 Give education to your children about kidney illness

There is a new book published by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The Little Book about Kidneys has been designed for young children & aims to help parents & relatives explain to the kids how it affects them & how it is treated. This was funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association.

The book is filled with colors and uses the character of a dog named Dougal to guide children go through the pages by using simple terms and explaining what kidneys do & what can happen if they do not function properly, how people with the disease feel and about dialysis & transplantation.


Awareness for kids on kidney disease

For a fact, more than 3 million people are thought to be living with kidney disease in the UK. Victoria Hanson (clinical nurse specialist in kidney care) has written the book with help & advice from a child psychologist, play therapist & others to make sure young children would find it interesting, accessible & informative without disturbing them.

She got the idea of the book since her patient mentioned to her how tough it is for her to explain to her kids about the disease.

She recieved inspiration from the book written for children of women with breast cancer. that book was Mummy’s Lump.

To live with kidney disease & kidney failure can be very stressful & worrying. The thought of discussing it with our kids must be the most daunting challenge. Victoria hopes that the book is of some help to the parents and relatives.

A kidney patient’s views

Carly Anderson is a mother of 3 kids and is waiting for her turn to receive a kidney & pancreas transplant. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 which led to kidney problems & she now has kidney failure.

Carly aged 36 said that she felt this book very well illustrated and informative.

Further, she mentions that her kids also enjoy reading the book .They now understand how much I am going through.

Presently, there are good and bad days where I feel unwell and tired too.

Carly’s 13 year old daughter has put her views foward.

In the end, it surely will help those families where someone has this disease but unable to explain to kids.

A spokesperson from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association said that the disease is life-long which affects the patient along with their family & people they are close to. Ultimately, kids get to know more on the topic & it surely removes the fear.

It will allow them to see the real world. In the end, the publication makes us proud.

The book is available free of charge for Guy’s and St Thomas’ kidney patients

Online version is dowloadable.

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Give education to your children about kidney illness

 Climate changes blamed for kidney disease

In recent times in El Salvador, there has been an abnormal rise in the number of deaths from kidney disease and its blame is on the change of climate.

Outside the town of Tierra Blanca at around 10 in the morning, the mercury is already close to 31 degrees.

At the sugarcane fields, the workers arrive. Both men & women be it young or old come wearing thick jeans with long-sleeved shirts & face scarves to protect their face from the scorching heat of the sun.

They have to move fast between rows of cane, bending, reaching, clipping & trimming them in preparation for harvesting the crop in the coming weeks.

In the area of slight shade, old Pepsi & Fanta bottles full of water swing from tree branches.

People’s life stories.

As a matter of fact, these workers do not stop until their shift gets over in the noon and keep going without any rest.

  1. Amongst these workers is the 25 year old Jesus Linares. He explained his dreams to be a language teacher but has no options as he has to support his family just like the others. He says all about his dreams in English. At young age of 8, he learned hiding in the towering canes whenever the police would come on rounds to check if any under-aged children forced to work. In the evenings, he likes to listen to English audio programs or maybe read a language book. He is unable to do so as he is very tired. The thought that something is wrong with his health, he decides to visit the Tierra Blanca clinic. His blood tests revealed that Linares was in the early stages of chronic kidney disease.

Other cases

  1. We have another similar story in the Bajo Lempa region where close to 25% of its population have chronic kidney disease and this is a major cause of hospital deaths in El Salvador. This disease is commonly caused by hypertension & diabetes, but surprisingly, the death of the people had no such problems.
  2. In Tierra Blanca, Juan Pablo Paniagua aged 60, says his story as he was a kid working in a corn field and as a fisherman also but only now he feels the strange change in his body.
  3. No pain is there but it is like “I am decaying slowly”. He has taken the dialysis 3 times a week for 2 ½ years. The treatment costs $120 for a single session which he now cannot afford.

Researcher’s corner:

They say that it is mostly in men & arises in hot and humid conditions. People like farmers, fishermen and workers at construction sites are a few that work in such conditions.

Dehydration causes acute kidney disease that can be easily reversed by drinking water. People go to hospitals, but when they are unable to get any treatment for this, return home to die.

At the Rosales National Hospital in San Salvador, the story is the same.

In fact, they were absolutely fine 3 months ago and did not need to visit a doctor.

The people felt scared when they could not go to work because of their illness.

The Salvadoran culture is to work hard and has continued since 1980’s till date.

A kidney specialist

García-Trabanino explains that the disease is a silent one.

As a result, it destroys the kidney.

Moreover, once we feel we are seriously ill, prepare our self for treatment it is too late.

The study:

The numbers after a few months reached 200. In recent times, the number has elevated to close to 1000 cases.

The hospital has almost 30 new patients arriving in a month. The hospital only has resources for half of them.

How kidney disease eats into you

To explain, Chronic kidney disease destroys the kidney tissue until it can no longer filter waste from the blood.

This disease damages the glomeruli (the tiny units that clean the blood), the new form destroys the renal tubules, where urine is made & transported & the interstitium, which is around the other structures in the kidneys & helps maintain the right balance of fluid.


They teamed up with Emmanuel Jarquin (an occupational health & safety consultant) & Emergency Social Fund for Health in Tierra Blanca.

Researchers moved around the different areas.

They decided to make comparison between the workers working 500 meters above sea level and in lowland areas.

The results were astonishing. After taking the urine samples, they found that all across Central America & southern Mexico were suffering from the disease and most of them were in the first stage luckily but yet unaware of the situation.

Research on mice

1 group of mice put in hot sun for long hours with water given only in evenings.

2nd group of mice given the chance of drinking unlimited water.

Results and cause

As a result, mice given limited water had developed the disease.

The researcher went on to check the weather for that day & noticed that it was the hottest day of the year & a huge heat wave had struck.

Climate change was the cause of this development of disease.

Dehydration is the main cause as it drains all the salt and water from our body.

Our kidneys are the first in line to be attacked by the disease as it is the role of kidney to keep electrolytes within the normal range & blood volume stable.

The people taught to be fighters and continue to do that.


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Climate changes blamed for kidney disease






Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes

Research on Aussie soft drinks

The Aussie soft drinks have a much higher level of glucose which is a cause of the hike in chances to develop a heart disease & Type 2 diabetes.

Things to know:

The Australian soft drinks increases the risk of diabetes as there is 22% more glucose in contrast to the US brands.

More than 30% of population consumes soft drinks on a daily basis.

A Professor from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Bronwyn Kingwell said that this study is very much relevant to the Australians and their consumption of the soft drinks.

She also mentioned that it is the glucose and not the fructose that elevates the plasma glucose & insulin which allows the body to develop the diseases like diabetes after they consume the drinks.

Tax proposal on sugar sweetened beverages

In recent times, a new Tax on Sugar-sweetened beverages has been requested. The proposal made to the Federal Government is to help reduce the high rates of Diabetes.

This request made by many leading health organizations like (AMA) Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners & also the Consumers Health Forum.

Professor Kingwell said:

It is now a major concern rising in the society.

Eventually, we build up fats in our liver.

What is unknown by the public are its effects on their health.

A new study by Kingwell found that 39% of all men & 29% of women drank the sugar-sweetened beverages on a daily basis which accounts for it to be the largest source of sugar in the Australian diet.

Researcher’s thoughts on the new tax proposal and

Link between soft drink and obesity

We now need to spread the awareness.

In the meantime, more research can be done on this topic.

In order to do this, people must stop drinking these drinks or significantly, lower its consumption levels. Doing so, we can

  • Save more than 1600 lives.
  • Raise close to $400 million per year for obesity prevention initiatives as per research done by the Obesity Policy Coalition if the 20% tax on these drinks get introduced.

On the other side, the manufacturers of these drinks rejects the observations made and say no such link exists.


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Australia soft drinks increases risk of diabetes

How conventional Bolivian healers deal with diabetes crisis


Bolivia joins hands with traditional healers to help diabetics who are wary of modern medicine.


Diabetes is fast emerging into a national crisis in Bolivia.

Nearly half a million Bolivians, some 4.5% of the total population, suffer from the disease & a change of diet is being held responsible.

With many diabetics also not comfortable with modern medicine, the government has teamed up with traditional healers to deal with the growing & imminent health problem.


“For me, it’s imperative to incorporate inherited teaching … [patients] can heal with plants & herbs,” said German Mamani, a specialist in conventional remedies.

Find out How conventional Bolivian healers deal with diabetes crisis

Up until the 1980s, conventional medicine was prohibited in Bolivia. Now, the government encourages traditional practitioners to work alongside contemporary medicine to reach those with diabetes, especially in native communities.

Merging both traditional curative practices & current medicine is helping to educate Bolivians on prevention.


“Bolivia is a largely an indigenous society & is increasingly using its ancient medicines to deal with a very modern problem,” said Mario Vargas, a Kallawaya, or traditional healer, who practises an ancient type of medicine inherited from his ancestors & adapts it to the modern world.

Find out How conventional Bolivian healers deal with diabetes crisis


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Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds – to Donate Kidney to a Friend

Find out how this Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds


Rebekah Ceidro, a Pennsylvania woman lost in excess of forty pounds to give her kidney to a longtime

Can Chris Moore can avoid a kidney transplant


Rebekah Ceidro, aged 33, had worked with her friend Chris Moore, aged 30, for five years at a local eatery and later kept in touch through Facebook.

But in July, when Ceidro saw Moore’s status update post which said he was in need of a kidney, she knew she had to get to the bottom of the matter.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. This is dreadful,'” Ceidro said. “In my judgment he was always the pinnacle of health and fitness. I thought somebody needs to step up and be of assistance to him and I thought, ‘Well, if I am saying that then I ought to be that individual.'”

Find out how Rebekah Ceidro shed More Than 40 Pounds

After messaging Ceidro, she found out that he was really suffering from kidney failure and she asked what she could do to help. As fate may have it, they realized that they were both O positive blood type.

“So I said, ‘

Find out how this Woman sheds More Than 40 Pounds

Well let me know what you need?’ and, ‘What’s the 1st step in going forward with this?'” Ceidro said. “I said, ‘I’d love to be of help to you if I can. I am fairly sure I have two kidneys that work well and I am happy to part with one of them just for you.'”

In September, Ceidro went for a day of testing and everything appeared to be going well until doctors told her she had to weigh lower than 200 pounds to give a kidney, saying that it may cause complication for her future otherwise.

“I needed to lose eighteen pounds,” Ceidro said. “It’s never uncomplicated to hear somebody say that. I said, ‘I am going to lose the weight then because if that’s all that’s the only bottleneck keeping me from making a life saving difference in my friend’s life, then of course I would do it.'”

And that’s exactly what Ceidro went ahead and did.

She began monitoring her meals on MyFitnessPal and drastically changed her diet. She began running 5 days a week and entering races to get rid of those pounds.

Today, Ceidro weighs a clear 45 pounds. She is set to donate her kidney to Moore in the coming fall.

Can Chris Moore can avoid a kidney transplant


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Islet Cell Diabetes Treatment – Cure for all Diabetic Conditions in Sight

Watch the insider report – Islet Cell Diabetes Treatment

The day is not far when doctors will be able to “Cure” Diabetes Patients With A Bio-Engineered Pancreas Implant

Science is always been on the lookout for more sophisticated medical treatments, unfortunately even the most forward thinking methods can have a inadequate effect on genetic conditions. That’s why it’s amazing that scientists are now at the brink of a breakthrough that could in the near future eliminate at least one common medical condition haunting humanity.

Scientists at the University of Miami’s Diabetic Research Institute have managed to bio-hack a diabetic patient’s anatomy in a unique way that she never has to administer an insulin shot ever again.

The undisclosed patient suffers from a variant of Type 1 diabetes, one that’s capable of crippling a person’s lifestyle, thanks to the strict nutritional & medication management it calls for. The researchers transplanted insulin-manufacturing islet cells into the membrane close to her abdomen in order to counter the need for synthetic insulin supplements. Now, almost one year later, the team is delighted to find the surgery is a victory, with the cells still in full working order.

Watch the insider report – Islet Cell Diabetes Treatment

The change of surgery location was also important, as it avoids technical hitches that arise when these cells are implanted, (conventionally) into the liver. The end game now is to spot a suitable position to implant a bioengineered imitation pancreas called the Bio-Hub, that could fabricate insulin to completely offset the patient’s diabetes.

The results are momentous, as the patient says her life prior to the surgery revolved around her condition. “Her quality of life was dramatically impacted,” said the study’s lead author Dr David Baidal told HealthDay. “She had to relocate and live with her parents. And, if she travelled, she had to take the trip with her father.”

If not appropriately treated, diabetes can lead to a variety of further problems, ranging from blindness to nerve damage, & even death. The test’s encouraging results then are a ray of hope to diabetes patients around the globe, who could soon be able to live regular, healthy lives. Instead of relying on a watcher & prescriptions, one simple surgery could render them similar to the next healthy individual, not having to always focus on their medical state.

“We’re looking into a way to optimise islet cell treatment to a larger population,” said Baidal. “This study gives us hope for a radically different transplant approach.”

Watch the insider report – Islet Cell Diabetes Treatment


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 How do I manage my blood glucose level

How do I manage my blood glucose level

 You want to manage your blood glucose levels, here is an app that will help.

For individuals with type 2 diabetes, managing glucose levels can be a daily challenge.

Recently,  introduction of a new algorithm-based app may soon take some of this stress away.

New app

A lot of work pending in the process.

The idea behind the personalized technology is to predict the impact of each meal on a user’s blood sugar levels.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

For a fact, Type 2 diabetes affects upwards of 29 million people in the United States.

Additionally, as a result 86 million adults have prediabetes.

Can develop into type 2 diabetes if lifestyle changes not implemented.

Need for checking our intake of foods to ensure the correct blood glucose levels are maintained. most importantly if levels are too high for prolonged periods of time, serious health complications can arise.

In short, medication is done to help manage sugar level fluctuations, but exercise and diet also play a substantial role.

The impact of specific food types on glucose levels being estimated is not an exact science.

Effects can vary substantially between individuals and they can even vary within an individual dependent on a range of factors.

Research and Findings

A report, published in PLOS Computation Biology explains how a group of scientists have integrated an algorithm into an app called Glucoracle, which goes some way toward solving this problem.


In New York, at CUMC, David Albers, Ph.D, lead author of study explains:

“It is tough for people to understand the true impact of the dietary choices even after expert’s guidance.

Albers and team attempt to design an algorithm that can help individuals to make more informed dietary decisions.

App for diabetes

Albers explains how the app works:

“The algorithm as a result is integrated in an easy-to-use app to predict the consequences of eating certain meal before the food is eaten, allowing individuals to make better nutritional choices during mealtime.”

The algorithm used a technique utlized in a range of modern applications.

Includes weather prediction.

Diabetes app workings

The app does data include blood sugar measurements and nutritional information & makes a mathematical model of an individual’s response to glucose on a daily basis.

Lena Mamykina, Ph.D., assistant professor of biomedical informatics at CUMC and a study co-author, explains: “The data assimilator is continually updated with the user’s food intake and blood glucose measurements, personalizing the model for that individual.”

Users of Glucoracle have an option to upload pictures of a meal with rough estimates of nutritional content, along with fingerstick blood measurements.

On the bright side, the app can then almost provide an immediate prediction of post-meal blood sugar levels.

After using app for 1 week

Then it will produce predictions.

This allows the data assimilator to learn how the individual user responds to various types of food. The estimate and forecast adjusts for accuracy over time.

How well does it work?

Overall research carried out on five individuals.

Three had type 2 diabetes and two did not.

Therefore the app predicted changes in glucose levels following a particular meal.

Similarly, we also compared it with the actual glucose measurements.

Best app for type 2 diabetes

Readings quite accurately measured in the non-diabetic participants. 3 people with diabetes, the results turned inaccurate

To begin with, we thought that physiological fluctuations in patients .

Probably due to parameter error, results turned out inaccurate.

Secondly and most important, the predictions were “still comparable” to those of certified diabetes educators.

In contrast, the results are not perfect.

Moreover, Albers is not disheartened. with this in mind, he said:

Certainly, the next step is room for improvement.

The evaluation designed to prove possibility, using routine self-monitoring data, generate real-time glucose forecasts that people could use to make better nutritional choices.

We have made type 2 diabetes manageable easily.

We are trying to better the app.

Plans for larger clinical trial & researchers hope that the app will be ready for widespread use in two years.

To summarize, its all in the making.

There is no doubt, we all will be talking about this rather sooner than later.

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How do I manage my blood glucose level






Diabetes type 1

Recently, an 11-year-old Florida boy set out to cure diabetes and his family decided to sell their home and everything in it.



Named Noah Barnes, he has type 1 diabetes diagnosed since he was 16 months old.

He wants to make sure that no child has to go through what he is going through.

The Noah’s March Foundation has raised $15,000 dollars upto now. Noah will march across America in his effort to cure diabetes and spread awareness.

“Forty years ago they said they were pretty close to a cure and then 40 years later….. We still don’t have a cure. Noah Barnes says he is disappointed at this.

Noah got the idea after reading an article online about a diabetes walk fundraiser. He then asked his father– How far do I need to walk so that I can be cured? 

Robert Barnes, the father was not sure of doing the walk and it took about 1 week for Noah to convince him. Noah started training.

Spread awareness diabetes

Now, the whole family is marching from Key West Florida to Washington and it is like a long field trip says Robert.

The three siblings have been on the road for three months. Noah’s brother, 8-year-old John, says it hasn’t been easy. John says he likes the colder places as he does not like to sweat. Noah hopes that others too will support him on this journey.

Noah has worn shoes for this entire journey, and has 3 pairs of shoes. One was for training.

Noah Barnes has a commendable attitude and says “I do not want to quit.” 

On the way, passing through Ashland city, they met few 4th grade children and spoke about diabetes and educated them.

Noah and his family will be passing by Chattanooga on Tuesday afternoon, before they head towards Nashville. They hope to be in Washington by the month of November. Noah and his siblings are homeschooling, while on the road.


The kids and us have been enjoying and it is great to meet people and spread awareness. It’s a joy.






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Unconventional diabetes treatment

Scientists discover unconventional diabetes treatment in Texas.

 Diabetes is the disease whereby a human is inability to process the carbohydrates.

A condition that if left untreated could lead to catastrophic health consequences such as lethargy, diminished eyesight, heart attacks, common strokes, sometimes blindness and a loss of blood circulation in the feet that could lead to amputation.

At the University of Texas, health researchers think that they have found a way to trick the body into curing the Type 1 diabetes.

An immune system of a diabetic person kills off useful “beta” cells, while researchers say they have got other options to make other cells in the pancreas perform the necessary work.


Earlier this month, as per their approach, in the academic journal Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, would have implications for Type 1, formerly called Juvenile diabetes, and also could help treat the very well known Type 2 variety, also known as Adult-onset diabetes.

Experiments were done on mice by the researchers which are genetically similar to people but different enough that new rounds of animal testing & millions of dollars and more are required before human trials can begin.

The researcher’s approach are sure to receive scrutinism as it is yet another attempt from the many other attempts at curing diabetes, which typically involve transplanting new cells and/or suppressing the immune system’s attempts to kill off the useful ones.

We are actually taking a cell that is in the human body and programme it to secrete insulin, without changing its characters” said Ralph DeFronzo, diabetes researcher at the UT Health Science Center @ San Antonio.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in the year 2014, about 29 million Americans; 1 in 10 persons had diabetes.


The core problem is insulin. Most people naturally intake that substance when they eat something with carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes and candy bars.

Insulin acts as an agent that delivers the sugar from the bloodstream into the cells, providing the cells with the energy to function. In most people, the body continuously monitors blood sugar and produces insulin as & when needed.

TYPE 1 and 2 diabetes

In Type Two diabetes, 9 out of 10 diabetes cases and generally associated with the older people and weight gains, the cells reject the insulin, causing sugar to collect and build up in the bloodstream even as cells are starved for energy.

Type Two treated with pills that tell the cells to let in the insulin. But in Type Two diabetes, the body often gradually loses the ability to produce insulin, requiring insulin injections.

In Type 1, the researchers studied that the body has simply stopped producing insulin.

This type is often seen in children, though it can sometimes develop in adults as well.

The People with Type 1 diabetes gain their Insulin from injections, which is an often imprecise task.


Intake of lesser amounts of insulin and blood sugar levels stay high for longer periods potentially damaging the body.

Vice-versa could induce a crash, possibly causing a person with diabetes to faint or experience even worse problems, such as a stroke.

DeFronzo’s partner, Bruno Doiron, decided to check whether the body could reliably produce insulin without the transplantation of new cells.

He used a “gene transfer” technique on mice.

Delivered through a virus, that activated insulin production in cells already in the pancreas, for instance, those that produced certain enzymes.

Fundamentally, we are not changing anything in the cell, we are only handing over an additional task.

The immune systems of mice did not attack the new cells producing insulin.

Very importantly, the cells did produce just the right amount of insulin, not so much that they sent a mouse into a blood sugar free fall, not so little that blood sugar levels stayed high.

The mice have shown no signs of diabetes for more than 12 months now, according to the findings.

Yet, lots of research pending before testing will start on people.

Now, raising enough money as they estimate $5-$10 million.

Later proceed to testing on larger animals, such as pigs, dogs or primates.

The next step that is in discussion with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

They hope to start the human trials in three years time.

Famous researchers

DeFronzo and Doiron said they do expect skepticism.

Driven by how unconventional their work is.

The established technique used for transfer of gene using virus, approved dozens of times by the FDA to treat diseases.

Doiron also stated-“We can use the cells the body has naturally. “This wakes up the cells to produce insulin.”

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes dealers

Both these diseases deal with insulin, the substance produced in body that takes sugar from our bloodstream into the cells & power the body.

Type 2 is far more common. The prime issue is that the cells reject insulin, causing sugar to build up in the bloodstream.

The common treatment is the pill that makes the cells accept the insulin (and sugar it carries into the cell). Over a period of time, people body stops producing it.

With Type 1 diabetes, people just stop producing insulin as body kills the cells in pancreas.

Those with Type 1 diabetes must inject or ingest insulin.

People with Type 2 increasingly depending on insulin injections, sometimes can be cured or controlled through diet and exercise.



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Unconventional diabetes treatment